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Daily Report Snap Poll Resutls

Do you support the Monroe County Library System Board’s decision to block patron access to all Web sites deemed pornographic?

78% Yes

22% No

Poll conducted 5/29


Freedom of speech is a fundamental right, even if I do not agree with the speech being protected. Sensible accommodations can be made. … Libraries should not be held hostage by politicians, and I’m astonished that Maggie Brooks (whom I generally respect and admire) would choose to break the law with her edict. We should be discussing an increase in library funding, not a possible decrease!
-Dave Vanable

Many consider this a restriction of free speech and censorship, but they are absolutely wrong. We are talking about taxpayer money being used to support the library. If someone wants to view these sites, let them do it on their own nickel, on their own property and in private.
-Keith B. Robinson

No library should have to do this. It is ridiculous that a library has to agree to deny access to information in order to get funded.
-Debby Emerson, Rochester Regional Library Council

I guess this is the best action for the MCLS to take, given the threat of loss of support from the county executive. I question that the screening mechanism will only dismiss pure pornography, and prohibit viewing of art, which (can have) the characteristics of pornography.
-Bob Hutchison

This measure calls for library administrators to make ethical, moral and legal judgments about Web site content-a role for which they are not necessarily trained. Further, pornography is not illegal for any age group. Only under charges of harassment or deliberate exposure to minors should it be limited.
-Donna Cullen, Rochester Institute of Technology

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6/01/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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