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Daily Report Snap Poll Results

How concerned are you about the impact of rising gasoline prices on your business?

64% Very concerned
24% Somewhat concerned
7% Not very concerned
5% Not at all concerned

Should Congress act to force oil companies to rein in gasoline prices?

64% Yes
36% No

Nearly 900 people participated in the poll, conducted 5/21 and 5/22/07


Why would we involve government to help run an industry? Even if they could do anything, the price is simply based on supply and demand. We whine about the ever-rising prices but don’t change our driving habits, we don’t car pool, we don’t use mass transit and we don’t demand and buy more fuel-efficient cars. We vote with our wallets and we’ve told the big oil companies we’ll keep paying higher prices while they keep making higher profits.
-Kevin Flynn, Martino Flynn LLC

The sooner gasoline gets to $5 or $6 per gallon, the sooner we will develop more energy-efficient cars and alternative sources of energy and rely less on oil and especially imported oil. The free market will handle this in short order if we let it work.
-Bob Sperandio

As gasoline prices rise the demand for my products (scooters) also rises. The U.S. has a long way to go to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of both gasoline prices and the use of efficient, economical vehicles such as scooters.
-Kurt Schweitzer, Urban Village Scooters

Congress should lower the taxes on gasoline and not intervene with the free market. The more responsibility that we give to the government, the less likely we are to stay as free as we are today.
-Mitchell Thompson, Avalon Copy Centers

5/25/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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