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Daily Report Snap Poll Results

If you were to make a long-term investment today in one homegrown Rochester-area public company, which would it be?

28% Paychex Inc.
17% Constellation Brands Inc.
16% Paetec Holding Corp.
7% Xerox Corp.
4% VirtualScopics Inc.
3% Ultralife Batteries Inc.
3% Home Properties Inc.
3% Document Security Systems Inc.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up nearly 6.5 percent year to date. In your opinion, where is the Dow most likely to finish 2007, compared with the end of 2006?

42% Up less than 10%
38% Up 10% to 20%
7% Down less than 10%
5% Unchanged
4% Down 10% to 20%
2% Down more than 20%
2% Up more than 20%

*Responses with less than 3% were not included.
Poll conducted 5/7 and 5/8/07


The Dow will go up, and inevitably it will come back down. My bet’s still on companies like Xerox and Paychex, who offer basic products and services almost all companies need, today and tomorrow. If I had to wager on a future star, I’d go with NaturalNano, who might offer a good return as part of an acquisition as that new industry starts to “gel.” -Gary A. Stafford, president and COO, Lazer Inc.

5/11/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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