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Daily Report Snap Poll Results

Snap poll resutls
In your opinion, who would be the strongest Democratic challenger to Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks in this fall’s election?

49% Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy
13% Assemblyman Joseph Morelle
10% Rochester Corporation Counsel Thomas Richards
9% Assemblyman David Koon
8% Brighton Supervisor Sandra Frankel
2% Assemblyman David Gantt
2% Assemblywoman Susan John
1% Former Monroe County Minority Leader Stephanie Aldersley
1% Monroe County Minority Leader Carla Palumbo
3% Other


Mayor Duffy would be a formidable challenger, but wouldn’t it be better for our community if he remained mayor, and the Duffy-Brooks partnership could keep forging forward on our community’s behalf? -Hope Schnier, Victor

While I do not support party politics, I do feel the voting public must have choices. It seems all too often those with the most funds backing them win. What ever happened to those with the most votes winning? More people who have the intestinal fortitude for this arena need to step into the ring. -S. Beaver, Greece

Because of Maggie Brooks’ stance on the Central Library, many people will turn to the Democrats as an alternative. The Democrats managed to unseat the Republicans over a sidewalk issue in Brighton after over 100 years in office. Arrogance in politics is suicide! Politics is the “art of the possible” and “the essence of compromise.” Ms. Brooks fails in both categories. -Henry “Pete” French, professor emeritus of history and political science

(Sandra Frankel) has a proven record of leadership, improving Brighton’s facilities and services, including development of a park system essentially from scratch, in a fiscally sound way. -Tom Warth, partner, Hiscock & Barclay LLP

5/04/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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