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Daily Report Snap Poll Results

Do you support Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks’ threat to stop all county funding of the Central Library unless it acts immediately to “halt the public viewing of pornography and other graphic materials” on computers at the library?

52% Yes
42% No

Poll conducted 4/16 – 4/17/07


I’m proud of Maggie Brooks in making an issue of pornography in our public libraries. We must reverse the moral decline in our country. I hope more of our political leaders and citizens take such action in stopping pornography in institutions financed by taxpayers.
-John Rynne, president,
Rynne, Murphy & Associates Inc.

The issue has been blown out of proportion. A community is known in large part by the resources available to its citizens. One of the most important resources is our library system. It is unconscionable that the county executive would cut off funding to the library.
-Michael Schnittman

Absolutely. This is not a First Amendment issue by even the most tortured reading of the document.
-Chris Meisenzahl, Lima

This is a complicated issue, balancing basic rights and childhood safety. Such a threat does not foster dialogue and resolution. It is either an irrational, emotional response or a calculated political grandstanding maneuver. Neither is acceptable behavior from an otherwise capable and sensible elected official.
-Bob Pizzutiello,
Upstate Medical Physics Inc.

If the Supreme Court can find a “right” to public viewing of pornography around children, then by all means, let them fund it from their budget, not ours.
-Craig W. Rideout

Censorship is wrong, especially in a library. … There are numerous books out that show pictures or sketches of nudes or erotic scenes, and someone may deem them objectionable. Certainly, there won’t be a call to ban books … or will there be?
-Tom Walpole, CPA

This is not about freedom of speech. It is about an arrogant elite who feel that taxpayers must support their perverted concept of free speech.
-George Dounce

4/20/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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