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Snap poll results

How concerned are you about foreign outsourcing of local jobs?

64% Very concerned

19% concerned

5% Neutral

9% Not very conerned

4% Not at all concerned

Over the past two years, has your firm or organization
(where you work) outsourced jobs overseas?

24% Yes

76% No

Poll conducted 4/9 – 4/10/07


I lost my job due to outsourcing. While I was able to get a job here in Rochester, it was for far less money. Not only have I had to cut back on spending, but the outsourcing group does not spend any money on local businesses. The company won by saving money, but Rochester lost the effects of that savings.
-John Esposito

We’re moving from a manufacturing economy to an information economy. If we can stay on the cutting edge of information, technology and even manufacturing, we will have little to fear from outsourcing low-tech manufacturing jobs.
-Clifford Jacobson, WebHomeUSA

It should be a concern of the highest priority to have local jobs that will sustain the local economy. How else can the economic support structure be maintained? … Cheapest is not always the best value if local jobs disappear. Who then will buy the cheap goods?
-Rick Bradley

I voted for 30 years for leaders that I thought were against the unfair trade agreements and would protect U.S. workers. Unfortunately, this is the end of the American dream. My children will have a Third World work experience and I will probably have a Third World retirement.
-Stanley Hilt

Without fair trade policies, all our current system is accomplishing is to destroy the American middle class and the infrastructure America needs to defend itself.
-David Young

4/13/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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