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Snap poll results

Compared with one year ago, how would you describe the overall state of the city of Rochester?

40% Better
17% Worse
43% Unchanged

What should Mayor Robert Duffy make his No. 1 priority this year?

54% Economic

26% Public safety
12% Fiscal management/
obtaining more state aid
8% Education

Poll conducted 3/27/07


It will take much more than one year to turn around the effects of the damage to Rochester caused by Mayor Johnson’s ineptness and cronyism.
-James Monte

This area that I’ve called home for over 50 years is disappearing bit by bit. We need to get the fiscal aspects under control to allow us to have economic development. With the current tax structure and the lack of appropriate state funding, all Mayor Duffy can expect is the continued exodus. Sad, very sad.
-Marlene Fumia,
customer relations director, Infor

Continued collaboration as demonstrated on the recent Carestream project will be critical in achieving economic development success.
-Clyde Forbes, manager,
economic development, Rochester Gas and Electric Corp.

Let’s give Bob a chance. He’s only been in the job a few months and has shown us that he is his own man. Rochester’s problems have been the result of decades of neglect and will not be fixed in a couple of months. Let’s get behind Bob’s initiatives and have realistic expectations as to progress. As Ron Reagan said, “Stay the course.”
-Jim Benz

3/30/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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