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Snap poll results

Do you support Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s plan to freeze Medicaid payments
to hospitals and nursing homes at current levels?

23% Yes

77% No

If Rochester-area hospitals were exempt,
would you support the Spitzer plan?

19% Yes

81% No

Poll conducted 3/19 and 3/20/07


The governor is not offering reform. Reform means change. Cutting payments to hospitals and nursing homes that provide care to Medicaid recipients is not reform. … Eligibility is too easy, fraud is rampant and providers lose money on Medicaid because of too many regulations that are unfunded that have nothing to do with resident care.
-Robert W. Hurlbut,
ROHM Services Corp.

Let Spitzer do what he was elected to do! He is the first governor in many years to tackle costs, take on private interests and make N.Y. a business-friendly state.
-Jon Albertsson, Fernwood Capital

Runaway spending and taxes are a hallmark of this state. The fact that N.Y. spends more than any other state in the union on this line item is, once again, no surprise. Any effort to freeze the uncontrolled growth of this “entitlement” is to be applauded, but only as a first step.
-Bill Simpson, Gleason Corp.

Spitzer just lost my vote. It seems that politicians always go for disemboweling governmental support of medicine and the poor.
-P.G. Maples, director,
ViaHealth Archives Consortium

3/23/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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