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Snap poll results

Should the city agree to demands by the owners of the Rochester Americans and Knighthawks for a new deal giving the teams additional revenue even if the cost is borne by city taxpayers?

54% Yes
46% No

Would you favor the Buffalo Sabres-owned by Paychex founder Thomas Golisano-acquiring the Amerks franchise?

84% Yes
16% No
Poll conducted 3/12 and 3/13/07


If the Amerks et al. require additional public monies, then they should open their books for public review. For any company seeking “corporate welfare,” they should be required to open their books for public review prior to receiving a dime. I suggest we will find the needy not so needy.
-Dave Rusin, president and CEO, American Fiber Systems Inc.

If it wasn’t for the Amerks, how much revenue would be gone that wouldn’t be replaced? The teams should be able to receive a share of concessions and luxury suite money. The Amerks and Knighthawks are the only reason many people go downtown.
-Todd Black

There should be no reason why the Amerks/Knighthawks should not follow suit with the other teams in the league. Syracuse and Binghamton get a percentage of the revenue in their cities, while paying a lower arena rent. Why not Rochester?
-Christine Tilley, Ecovation Inc.

This is New York, so why buck the trend-let’s just throw more cash at another money-losing cause.
-Richard Stevenson,
CobbleSoft International

3/16/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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