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Snap poll results

Do you think China’s growing share of the global economy is more
a threat or an opportunity for U.S. businesses?

43% More a threat
25% More an opportunity
32% Equally a threat and an opportunity

How has China’s economic emergence affected your business?

12% Positively
23% Negatively
20% Both positively and negatively
44% No impact

Poll conducted 2/26 – 2/27/07


Having just returned from my second trip to China, I was struck by how they view the world. They do not view us as a threat, but more like an exploitable resource. We need to take China’s emergence on the world economic scene as a wake-up call. If we take the proper actions to improve our competitiveness, not the least of which is a focus on educating our people, China should be an opportunity. If we simply rest on our laurels, the answer will be “threat.”
-Mark Eildin, vice president/sales manager, Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.

As their standard of living grows, so (do) their needs for higher-quality goods. Upon visiting China last year I was surprised on how eager the local people were for U.S. or Western European goods as opposed to Asian goods. Why? Simply put, they equated the U.S. goods as higher quality and more desirable.
-John Nufryk,
Getinge Sourcing LLC

To get to the heart of the matter, you might rephrase this question to “Do you look at competition as a threat or an opportunity?” People who do not recognize competition as an essential prerequisite to growth and improvement are likely to see China as a menace.
-Steve Vaughn

3/2/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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