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Snap poll results

What is your opinion of Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s proposal for New York to provide $100 million in funding for stem cell research that could include embryonic stem cells?

56% Strongly support
15% Support
10% Oppose
20% Strongly oppose

What would be your opinion of Gov. Spitzer’s proposal for New York to
provide $100 million in funding for stem cell research-if it did not allow
funds for embryonic stem cell research?

29% Strongly support
31% Support
23$ Oppose
17% Strongly oppose

Poll conducted 2/19 – 2/20/07


Residents in New York are overtaxed. If this research is viable, private sources will fund it.
-Dr. John Walker,
JW International Enterprises

Adult stem cells can provide the benefits of stem cell research without entering the moral and ethical ground of embryonic stem cells. … Stem cells from the placenta and umbilical cord have much to offer too.
-Michael Patella, OSB, Saint John’s University

It is almost criminal that both federal and state governments are not maximizing investment into this promising technology while millions of people suffer from potentially curable ailments. … You have to wonder what our government’s long-range plans to support the economy are.
-Joseph Lancaster, president, Navalis Co. Inc.

I fully support all stem cell research-to not only fight neurological disorders but, who knows, maybe one day find a cure for cancer.
-Karen Baglin, Harris Interactive

2/23/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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