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Snap poll results

In your opinion, how likely is it that CEO Antonio Perez’s strategy will return
Kodak to sustained profitability and revenue growth?

11% Very
48% Somewhat
31% Not very
10% Not at all

Compared with a year ago, today are you more or less optimistic about
Antonio Perez’s strategy to transform Kodak?

32% More
41% Less
27% Unchanged

In your opinion, how likely is it that-due to merger, acquisition or relocation-Kodak’s headquarters no longer will be in Rochester five years from now?

36% Very
36% Somewhat
23% Not very
6% Not at all

Poll conducted 2/12 – 2/13/07


It would not be surprising if HP bought Kodak and Perez ended back at his previous company.
-J. Turan, Hammer Packaging

Kodak has always developed technologies that have been spun off to form small businesses in the Rochester area. I think they should look more to diversification using some of these tech products-optics, for example-and not try to compete in highly competitive environments.
-Al Schnucker, Schnucker Packaging Inc.

Didn’t they already move their headquarters to China?
-Richard Stevenson, CobbleSoft International Ltd.

2/16/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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