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Daily report snap poll results

In general, how would you describe the compensation paid to
executives of publicly held corporations in this country:

84% Too high

15% About right

1% Too low

Do you think government should place new limits or restrictions
on the compensation paid to executives of publicly held corporations?

71% No

29% Yes

Poll conducted 2/5 – 2/6/07


Corporations have the right to pay their staff at any rate they believe is fair and necessary to stay competitive with the best staff. There is, however, a responsibility to practice wise stewardship of resources. This extends from environmental concerns to financial compensation.
-Dave Beinetti,
SWBR Architects & Engineers P.C.

Some CEOs and other senior staff and executive directors are paid far too much-the rank and file stockholder is really unempowered to do anything about it. We should ask the federal government to keep pay in line with other industrialized countries (Japan and Europe).
-Neal Elli,
Empire Precision Plastics Inc.

Although I believe executive compensation is completely out of control (like sports and entertainment salaries), it would be foolish for the government to legislate in that area. The market forces must bring pay into alignment.
-Jack Kosoff, Eastman Kodak Co.

Stockholders should sue the boards for gross incompetence and violating their fiduciary responsibility.
-Bill Lanigan,
Chamberlin Rubber Co.

2/9/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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