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Snap poll results

What is your opinion of Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks’ overall performance?

72% – Approve

28% – Disapprove

Due to rounding, totals may not equal 100% Poll conducted 1/15 – 1/16/07

Working so well with Bob Duffy is huge plus for our community, and a credit to both of them. We are blessed.
-Joe Lobozzo

I think Maggie is doing a great job. This is a person who knows the details on so many issues. She follows through on her promises. We in Monroe County are lucky to have her.
-Robert W. Hurlbut, ROHM Services Corp.

An organization I represent attempted to work with Ms. Brook’s office on economic development. We wrote two letters, made two phone calls and were always assured of a reply. We did not receive a reply. Based on that, I cannot rate her performance in a positive light.
-Robert Zinnecker, Penfield

Approve of everything, except her crazy idea-or approval of the idea-of building a bus terminal next to a performing-arts theater.
-Michelle Cohen

I am concerned that jobs continue to erode away from Monroe County due to the unfavorable taxes and expense of doing business here.
-Stephen Kates M.D.

Maggie is a strong leader who is working collaboratively to improve the economic well- being of this community.
-Emily Neece Sr.,
consultant, HR Works Inc.

Increasing the county sales tax is a non-starter. She’s made her point that much of the budget is out of our local control, but she should work to fix the source of the problem- Albany-without threatening her local constituents.
-Andy Vaughan

1/19/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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