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Snap poll results

How would you describe the state of the Rochester-area economy today?

22% – Very weak

58% – Somewhat weak

20% – Somewhat strong

1% – Very strong

How do you personally feel about the prospects for the
Rochester-area economy over the next 12 months?

31% – Somewhat pessimistic

11% – Very pessimistic

23% – Neutral

32% – Somewhat optimistic

4% – Very optimistic

How would you describe your own company’s outlook over the next 12 months? Would you say that your firm’s Rochester-area employment will:

14% – Decrease

52% – Neither increase nor decrease

35% – Increase

Due to rounding, totals may not equal 100% Poll conducted 1/8 – 1/9/07


Right now, Rochester’s largest construction project is the demolition of Kodak’s extra space. What does that say about our local economy? It is tough out here for the small business person. We need a vibrant economy for small business to stay busy and profitable.
-Peter R. Wehner, PRW Associates Architects + Engineers

While some sectors and employers still seem to be decreasing their employee base, many smaller businesses are growing. The leadership in the Rochester area is very focused on growth, and I think they have started to do the right things. … We have added several new positions in the past six months with the expectation we will add more this year.
-Katharine McMahon, Mirror Show Management Inc.

1/12/2007 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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