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In your view, which of the following would be the most common reason cited by young people for leaving the Rochester region?

72% – Not enough good jobs
13% – High taxes
9% – Lack of a strong social scene
4% – The weather
2% – Too few cultural and recreational options

Poll conducted 12/18 – 12/19/06


Depending on your perspective, the latest news is either laughable or downright insulting: the county convenes a meeting to begin to address strategies for keeping young people in Rochester … but doesn’t see fit to even include young people in the discussion! … Make no mistake-the number one reason recent graduates and young professionals leave Rochester is because they can’t find career opportunities that enable them to grow and feel financially secure or even successful. The problem is too few career-growth jobs-not too few graduates or graduates with the wrong degrees!
-Christopher Burns, founder and brand manager, Rochester Young Professionals

As a Rochester college graduate, I had to make the difficult decision to expand my job search to other cities because of the lack of reasonable-paying, entry-level positions. I worked in another state for over a year until finding a job that justified my relocating back to Rochester. There are no jobs, therefore no reason for a college graduate to stay. Who wants to take a minimum-wage job after incurring an average of $40,000 in school debt!
-Rachel Roop, E-chx Payroll Solutions

I think it’s a mistake to look for just one reason for why young people leave. My blunt answer would be “Rochester sucks” and I would lump the first three options to the poll question in that answer. … A concerted effort needs to be made to INVOLVE young people and attract them, both locally and from other markets; if Rochester is not focused on growth then it’s focused on failure.
-Chris Hysek, RIT student

I truly believe that one of our significant exports is our young people who live here and those that attend college in Rochester. … If there is a combination of emerging job opportunities as well as a robust social and cultural environment, Rochester will then begin to be a destination for these bright and progressive professionals.
-Marc Iacona, president, Simcona Electronics Corp. and executive director, Rochester International Jazz Festival

12/22/06 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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