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Should the city spend $6 million to purchase Midtown Plaza for eventual private development?

51% – No
49% – Yes

Poll conducted 11/13 – 11/14/06

“The city’s ability to broker this pivotal property-taking the lead in terms of making sure it ends up in the right hands for the right uses-gives the city far more control over the outcome than it would have if the transaction were left entirely private. I don’t think the city should plan to own the property indefinitely, but as a transitional owner with an ability to subdivide and resell, I think it makes great sense.”
-Jocelyn Goldberg-Schaible, president, Rochester Research Group

Something has to be done with Midtown Plaza and the Sibley Building. They are the crown jewels (in terms of location) in downtown Rochester. Whether it be demolition, renovation or a combination of both, Mayor Duffy and his team, who are proving that they know how to foster and encourage business, should have the opportunity to turn this negative situation into a positive, thriving one.
-Michael Haymes, president, Re/Max Realty Group

Turn it into a casino! Niagara Falls, N.Y., was a ghost town prior to them putting in a casino. Hotels and restaurants are being built, and conventions are being held there on a regular basis. It will bring more people to downtown Rochester and it will benefit all businesses in the area.
-Nick Galante, director of sales and marketing, CDS/Unistel

We taxpayers are not at risk by making a smart real estate investment in our own city center: Midtown Plaza has never been worth less from a dollars-and-cents perspective, and never more from a strategic one.
-Peter Holloran, president, Cognitive Marketing Inc.

“Midtown ought be heart and head of this community. If that is rotten, the rest of the community will suffer.”
-John Velekkakan, president, Monroe Oxygen

11/17/06 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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