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Given the city’s difficulty in selling the fast ferry, do you think Mayor Duffy made a mistake in shutting down the service?

56% – No, his decision to shut down the fast-ferry service immediately was the right one.

26% – Yes, the mayor should have kept the fast-ferry service in operation.

17% – Yes, he should have kept the service operating until a sale of the boat was finalized.

Answers in percentages Poll conducted 10/23 – 10/24/06

“I think shutting the service down was a smart move. The project was hemorrhaging money and the costs had grown to the point of implosion and were getting worse. The city has taken a financial beating with the other projects such as High Falls, and the ferry didn’t help.”
-Rich Calabrese Jr.,

“I think the mayor should have operated the ferry during the summer months. We are currently loosing $6,000 a day as has been reported. The boat is like an auto; you need to run it occasionally to keep it up to snuff.”
-Fred Amato, president,
Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse

“He was correct in stopping the service. His big mistake was not retaining a maritime boat broker to handle the sale and finalize a binding contract. He needs to get on with marketing the ferry to a legitimate buyer with financing.”
-Michael J. Lebowitz

“This is a hugely complicated issue, and whether or not Mayor Duffy made a mistake depends on myriad financial and legal details that few of us can judge from the outside. I was, however, a great supporter of the ferry concept and certainly hope that before too long there may in fact be a viable water link between Rochester and Toronto.”
-Jocelyn Goldberg-Schaible,
president, Rochester Research Group

“It was the right decision! But they could have included a contingency to allow the use of the boat and facility for events and parties to generate some income and to draw more of the public to the site to benefit the other vendors.”
-Bob Miglioratti,

10/27/06 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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