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Snap poll results

Do you think the congressional page scandal will hurt Rep. Thomas Reynolds’ bid for re-election?

“Rep. Tom Reynolds is the strongest voice in Washington for Upstate N.Y. He has done an outstanding job not only for his congressional district but for upstate in general. It would be a travesty to lose Mr. Reynolds’ voice in Washington for something that he was not directly involved in. He is honest, hardworking and has impeccable integrity. He would never support the likes of Foley had he known the facts.”
-Claude Wright, Wright Wisner Distributing Corp.

“His ‘apology’ so far has been weak and insincere. He obviously knew and is ‘blaming’ others for something he should have followed up on himself. He should do the American citizens a favor and step down.”
-Grant Kosten

“I’m an independent and Tom Reynolds is my representative. I have not always voted for Tom. However, I will probably vote for Tom in November because he has been a proven supporter of small business. The media has completely blown out of proportion his responsibility in the congressional page scandal.”
-John Rynne,
Rynne, Murphy & Associates Inc.

“Things like this tend to build on their own momentum. Tom Reynolds’ situation is snowballing in the wrong direction. It would be better to focus on the things that impact Upstate N.Y”
-Neal Elli, Empire Precision

“I think he was wise to publicly explain and apologize for his oversight. Too often, public leaders shun accepting blame for their oversights. It is a character trait that should be admired.”
-Lou Calarese, Applied Audio

“I think EVERYONE involved should be ousted: The Republicans for sweeping it under the rug, and the Democrats, whose sole reason for disclosing it was for political gains. Who really cares about the children involved and how it has affected them? The answer is clear-no one in Congress!”
-Lisa Carver, Advantage Energy Inc.

10/13/06 Rochester Business Journal


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