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David Waterman

Title: Managing director, DeltaPoint Capital Management LLC
Age: 53
Home: LeRoy, Genesee County
Education: B.A., history, SUNY Albany, 1974
Family: Wife, Peggy; daughter, Megan, 19; son, James, 15
Hobbies: Golf
Quote: “We look at ourselves as pioneers. We’re creating a way to do business in Upstate New York that very few people are pursuing.”

09/23/05 (C) Rochester Business Journal


Thomas Cimino

Title: Managing director, DeltaPoint Capital Management LLC
Age: 60
Home: Perinton
Education: B.A., economics, University of Rochester, 1968
Family: Wife, Linda; daughter, Rebecca, 31; son, Matthew, 28
Hobbies: Golf, water skiing, jet skiing
Quote: “Over the course of the last seven or eight years, we have saved a couple of thousand jobs. And each of our companies, under our ownership, has grown to employ more people. That’s not our objective, but it’s a byproduct that’s a very strong statement about the influences of our capital.”

09/23/05 (C) Rochester Business Journal


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