Non-Profit Report: Teen Challenge

Non-Profit Report: Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge originally was founded
in Brooklyn in 1958 by Rev. David
Wilkerson. Since its inception, Teen
Challenge has grown to include a network
of some 300 centers worldwide. Teen
Challenge is a faith-based Christian
program for individuals with a history of
substance abuse who desire a life change.
Teen Challenge of Greater Rochester
Inc., known as Rochester Teen Challenge,
was founded in 1968 and is an in-resident
center for young men age 18 and older.
RTC’s center is at 73-75 Alexander St. RTC
has regional incorporation with 10 other
Teen Challenge centers and is certified
through the national Teen Challenge
RTC offers an induction phase, where
students are involved in daily and weekly
activities, including classes, chapel,
work detail, recreation and community
involvement. The classroom curriculum
provides focus on relevant issues as to
why the student turned to drugs. Students
are taught responsibility, attention to
detail and respect for peers and
Students advance to the second phase
of the program in Rehrersburg, Pa., where
GED and more than 20 vocational areas of
study are provided. Classroom, chapel and
counseling are incorporated throughout
the second phase to further address
academic, spiritual, social and emotional
RTC presents substance abuse
education at local high schools and is
involved in the Drug Alert Education
program at Orleans Correctional Facility.
Each year, RTC conducts a summer outreach
program targeted at young people living
in at-risk neighborhoods.
RTC has received recognition by
Rochester Mayor William Johnson Jr. and
former Mayor Thomas Ryan.
On April 20, RTC will hold its
Annual Spring Benefit Banquet at the
Wishing Well Banquet and Party House at
1190 Chili Ave. The guest speaker will
be the Rev. Don Wilkerson, executive
director of Teen Challenge
International, who oversees faith-based
programs helping to reach and
rehabilitate those with problems stemming
from drugs and alcohol.
RTC can be reached at (585) 325-7123.
The organization’s Web site is at

Financial Record Year ended Oct. 31, 2001
Revenue %
sponsorships $55,526 33
Corporate and
donations 46,296 28
sponsorships 42,534 26
rendered 8,820 5
offerings 3,451 2
Counseling fees 2,780 2
payments 2,340 1
Rental income 1,046 less than 1
contributions 1,003 less than 1
income 2,251 1
Total revenue $166,047 100

Expenses %
Wages $74,443 47
insurance 9,445 6
expense 7,101 5
Contract labor 6,920 4
Building and
insurance 5,277 3
Materials used 4,879 3
Electricity 3,952 3
Vehicle fuels 3,825 2
Other expenses 41,791 27
Total expenses $157,633 100
of revenue
over expenses $8,414

Local Advisory Committee*
Rev. Randy Anson, pastor, New Covenant
Worship Center, sectional presbyter,
Lakeshore section of the New York
district of the Assemblies of God
Charles Craddock, auto buyer, the
Dorschel Group
Henry Fuksman, self-employed commodities
Nicholas Glamack, CEO, Glamack Realty
Wilfredo Irrizarri, executive director,
Adonai Community Fellowship
Paul Loda, scientist, Bausch & Lomb Inc.
Nathaniel McFarland, pilot coating
employee, Xerox Corp., ordained
minister, Aenon Baptist Church
David Schantz, town supervisor, town
of Irondequoit
Rev. Carley Touchstone, pastor, Glad
Tidings Church

* In addition to this local advisory
committee, there is a 20-member division
board of directors.

-Researched by Lynne P. Cody

04/12/02 (C) Rochester Business Journal