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Eugene O’Donovan

Title: President, Montana Mills Bread Co.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in business studies, 1980; master’s degree in accounting, 1981, University College Dublin

Interests: Golf, family, skiing, current affairs

Family: Wife and business partner Suzy; daughter Bridie, 2 1/2

Residence: Pittsford

Quote: “If our products were just average, or just as good as you could get in the grocery stores, we wouldn’t survive.”



Suzy O’Donovan

Title: Vice president, Montana Mills Bread Co.

Education: B.S. in accounting and finance, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1986

Family: Husband and business partner Eugene; daughter, Bridie, 2 1/2

Interests: Tennis, skiing, spending time with her daughter

Quote: “(Starting Montana Mills has) been a challenge, but it’s been really fun and rewarding.”



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