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quiz answers

1997 business-news
quiz answers

Answers to the 1997 business-news quiz

(Questions from the previous column)

1. Frontier Corp.

2. Michael Bovalino

3. University of Rochester

4. Xerox Corp.’s Linda Becker

5. Motorola Inc.

6. Joseph Rulison

7. The Times-Union

8. Former Gannett Rochester Newspapers president and publisher David Mack

9. The Sutherland Group Ltd.

10. Goulds Pumps Inc.

11. Harris, Beach & Wilcox LLP managing partner Gunther Buerman

12. PSC Inc.’s Michael Hone

13. Paul Yu

14. Consumer electronics

15. $490 million

16. $7.4 million

17. Canandaigua Brands Inc.

18. Concord Resort Hotel

19. Duncan Moore

20. Thomas Richards

21. Hutchins/Young & Rubicam Inc. president and CEO Mary Ann Sapos

22. Xerox Business Systems

23. George Fisher, explaining Eastman Kodak Co.’s plan to eliminate 10,000 jobs, a number later increased to 16,600

24. Arnold Industries of California

25. East Irondequoit Central School District superintendent Josephine Kehoe, whose salary is $142,732


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