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American Liver Foundation

Non-Profit Report:
American Liver Foundation

The American Liver Foundation, Western New York Chapter is one of
some 25 chapters of the American Liver Foundation around the country. ALF is
a voluntary health agency dedicated to preventing, treating and curing more
than 100 liver diseases –including hepatitis and gallbladder diseases–
through research, education and patient self-help groups.

The Western New York chapter’s initiatives, which serve thousands
annually, include: monthly patient/family support-group meetings; a mutually
supportive relationship with the transplant center at the University of
Rochester Medical Center; local and national advocacy efforts, including a
yearly day on Capitol Hill; a collaborative effort with the New York State
Department of Motor Vehicles to promote organ donation; information and
referral services; hepatitis B and C education; Progress, a quarterly
newsletter; and special chapter events, including a golf tournament and
dinner auction. The sixth annual dinner auction will be held on Nov. 7 at
the Hyatt Regency Rochester, and will honor WHEC-TV news anchor Gabe

With October being Liver Awareness Month, ALF and its many chapters
are seeking to spread the word about the reality of liver diseases. Some
hard-hitting facts follow:

–Twenty-five million Americans–one in 10–are or have been
afflicted with liver, bile-duct or gallbladder diseases.

–Twenty-six thousand Americans die each year from chronic liver
diseases and cirrhosis. In 1993, total deaths from liver and gallbladder
diseases were 51,532, the seventh leading disease-related causes of death.

–In 1994, 3,653 liver transplants were performed. Because of the
shortage of organs, especially for children, it is estimated that 558
prospective recipients died in 1992 while waiting for transplants.

Hepatitis awareness is a major focal point for ALF, evidenced by its
THINK Hepatitis campaign (The Hepatitis Information you Need to Know). Just
some of ALF’s statistics on hepatitis are:

–There are an estimated 3.9 million people chronically infected w
ith hepatitis C.

–Twelve thousand people die of hepatitis C each year, and hepatitis
B is responsible for 5,000 deaths annually.

–One out of every 250 people is a carrier of hepatitis B and can
pass it on to others, often unknowingly, and one out of every 20 people in
the United States will be infected with hepatitis B.

For more information on ALF or liver diseases, see its Web site at

Financial Record Year ended June 30, 1997
Revenue %
Special events $30,093 71.12
United Ways of Greater Rochester,
Buffalo & Syracuse 5,521 13.05
Individual contributions/memberships 3,591 8.49
Corporate contributions 1,605 3.79
Memorials & tributes 1,205 2.85
Board of directors 175 0.41
Sale of ALF merchandise 122 0.29
Total revenue $42,312 100

Salary & related payroll taxes $27,793 85.36
Miscellaneous office expenses & supplies 3,563 10.94
Travel & meetings 644 1.98
Insurance 253 0.77
Cost of ALF merchandise 156 0.48
Subscriptions & memberships 70 0.22
Other 82 0.25
Total expenses $32,561 100
Excess (shortfall) of revenue over expenses $9,751

David Jordan, president; optometrist, private practice
Joseph Lanzisera, treasurer; stockbroker, Excel Securities
Anne Gray, president-elect and secretary; teacher, Canandaigua City School

Marilyn Brown M.D., pediatric gastroenterologist, Strong Memorial Hospital
Janice Dice, owner, Tectronics
Kathy Guindon R.N., Schering Pharmaceuticals
Jean Huether R.N., Strong
Peter Karagianis, patient
Nancy Koris, executive director, ALF, Western New York Chapter
Susan LeBeau, community volunteer
Christopher Odenbach, vice president, Rochester Road Materials
Daniel Shapiro, quality manager, Rochester operations, Delphi Energy and
Engine Management Systems
Thomas Shaw-Stiffel, patient
James Stormont M.D., gastroenterologist, Genesee Hospital
John Trowbridge, patient
Jo Carroll Wihlen R.N., St. Ann’s Home

(1)There also is an eight-member advisory/honorary board.

Researched by Julie K. Welch


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