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Business Show Guide

Welcome! The Chamber is proud to sponsor the 1st Annual Greater Rochester Business Show, and extends greetings to exhibitors and show visitors.
This show provides an excellent opportunity for area businesses and firms to market and promote their products and services. It also places a spotlight on Rochester-area businesses and encourages business-to-business contact.
Additionally, a variety of business training and professional development seminars are scheduled during the show. For example, there will be an Economic Forecast Luncheon from noon to 2 p.m. featuring keynote speaker Mike Jensen, chief financial correspondent for NBC News.
In view of the high level of business participation, this year’s show is an important indication of economic strength and vitality in the Greater Rochester area.
If you are an exhibitor, the Chamber is proud of your work and contribution to the community. If you are a show visitor, we invite you to enjoy the many exciting exhibits developed to meet your needs and interests.
Again, welcome and enjoy the best our community offers in the 1st Annual Greater Rochester Business Show.

Thomas T. Mooney
Greater Rochester Metro Chamber of Commerce Inc.

Business Show Guide

Mike Jensen, the chief financial correspondent for NBC News, will be the featured speaker at the Economic Forecast Luncheon during the Greater Rochester Business Show.
His topic will be “What’s happening with the economy, where it’s going and how we cover it on TV.”
Jensen has been named by TV Guide as the best economics/business correspondent in America. He joined NBC News in 1978, after being financial reporter and editor for nine years at the New York Times. Jensen is regularly featured on the “NBC Nightly News,” and he has a weekly feature on “Today” called “Mike Jensen’s Journal.”
He has received numerous major awards. In 1994, Jensen won a National News Emmy for his coverage of the Midwest floods of 1993. He won first place in the news-documentaries category at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 1984 for “Labor in the Promised Land,” a one-hour documentary on the decline of labor unions in America.
In 1988, 1989 and 1994 Jensen won Gabriel Awards for his “Today” reports that promoted “positive human values.” He also won Janus Awards on economic issues for “The Social Security Squeeze” and “The Farms Mess.”
During Jensen’s years at the Times, among the exclusive stories for which he was cited were his reports on ITT Corp., the Russian grain scandal, the energy crisis, illegal contributions by big business to the Nixon re-election campaign and New York City’s near-financial collapse. He won awards from the Overseas Press Club for national reporting and from the Deadline Club for the best economic reporting in the New York metropolitan area.
The luncheon will take place during the Greater Rochester Business Show from noon to 2 p.m. in the Lilac Ballroom at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.
The event is supported by the Greater Rochester Metro Chamber of Commerce Inc. and is sponsored by Chase Manhattan Bank N.A. and the Democrat and Chronicle. Tickets for the luncheon are $45.
Chamber and RTE Inc. members, as well as exhibitors, can purchase luncheon tickets for only $35. Luncheon tickets include admission to the business show.
For more ticket information, call 716- 242-8550.

Business Show Guide

For non-exhibitors, the shows provide a subtler business opportunity, area experts say. They can boost commerce by networking and collecting information about potential customers.
Take the McBee Systems Inc. sales staff. Its sales and marketing effort at business shows is staged not from behind a table in a booth, but as a show visitor.
“We have done fairly well doing it,” says Mark Schmidt, district manager for McBee Systems, a business check and invoice company in Henrietta. “We generally get some business after each show. We have never exhibited.”
Schmidt, the past president of the Rochester Professional Sales Association, says shows provide an opportunity to approach new companies.
“That’s basically the only way we have done marketing (at shows),” he adds.
Sales and marketing experts differ in their opinions on the effectiveness of non-exhibitors trying to generate business at shows and expositions.
David Stanley, owner of Beacon Training Associates in Greece, a company that specializes in sales, management and team training, says it is possible for non-exhibitors to make some sales at the shows. Many show promoters, however, frown on non-exhibitors trying to peddle their wares.
“Some shows have specific prohibitions against it. You have got to be careful. I have never done it personally,” he says. “As an exhibitor, I would take a dim view of someone (a non-exhibitor) trying to sell me something at a show.”
Schmidt says he personally has never encountered a show producer or an exhibitor who objected to an attendee trying to market his or her company.
“We have had a pretty favorable reaction,” he says.
Robert Barbato, associate dean of program development and director of the Small Business Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology, says it is harder –but not impossible–for a non-exhibitor to translate attending a show into actual sales.
“It is the same as going to a Rotary luncheon or a Chamber of Commerce. It is an opportunity to browse and network,” he says.
“In my opinion, if you are going as an attendee, you are not going to sell products. People in the booths are going to sell products.”
Schmidt recommends that attendees prepare before arriving at the show. He suggests reviewing lists of who will exhibit at the event.
“We take a look at exhibitors ahead of time and see who we want to visit. It really is as easy as that,” he says. “Just by a business name we have a good idea if they will be interested.”
Advance scouting of the potential customers will save time spent looking around aimlessly or approaching inappropriate or unlikely prospects. In addition, a more focused and targeted effort will yield better chances of success.
Stanley says most shows provide lists of exhibitors and booth numbers. He also recommends identifying in advance the companies to be visited.
“I have been to some huge shows. If you have 200 to 300 exhibitors, it is going to take some time,” he says.
Barbato says a lot of the marketing that happens at shows falls more into the “networking and schmoozing” category than actual sales.
“That is where non-exhibitors can make the biggest mark,” he says. “I always think of the shows as mining. I think people there are looking for new contacts. They are trying to gain a few nuggets.”
He suggests targeting places where the vendors eat, drink and take breaks. Attending continental breakfasts, lunches and social hours can provide more business opportunities than the actual show, he adds.
“The key is to try networking. Try to be seated at a table that is a prime networking table,” Barbato says. “Find the people who you want to be seated near. Try to get to know people and try to be interesting.”
Business shows also give companies an opportunity to talk with another important market–their existing customers. Schmidt says the shows often provide his staff a chance to see and talk with existing clients who are exhibiting there.
These contacts can help solidify a client relationship, particularly if a competitor has a booth at the show. It also can provide an opportunity to introduce clients to added services.
Marketing experts recommend acting on any business contacts immediately–either at the show or quickly afterward. Follow up on contacts before the show becomes a “faded memory” in the new contact’s mind.
Steve Becker, public relations director at CenterStage Events Inc. in Baldwinsville, near Syracuse, the producer of the Greater Rochester Business Show, says attendees looking to make business contacts at a business show should bring hundreds of business cards. He suggests using them both in the main exhibit areas and at special networking events.
“It (the Rochester show) is not a selling show per se. It is a get-to-know-our-business show. It is a big networking show,” he says.
Similar shows in Syracuse have focused on introducing businesses to each other, rather than attempting on-location sales.
Attendees looking for better chances to network should visit the seminar and presentations, he says. The brief sessions will provide additional information about products and technologies. They also offer opportunities for interaction with other businesspeople.
Most shows keep a data base of attendees. Those lists can prove valuable whether a business was an exhibitor or an attendee. Becker says CenterStage may offer the data base after the show, but has not decided.
Picking the right time to attend a show can enhance both the business chances and enjoyment of the event.
Stacy Makhlouf, president of Corporate Events, a Pittsford-based meeting planner, recommends avoiding lunchtime.
“If you go during the lunch hour, it’s going to be more crowded,” she says. “Go when they first open or when they close.”
She also recommends visiting only the booths that offer something of true interest.
“I don’t waste time on booths that I don’t find useful. They all want you to put your business card in. I don’t do that unless it is something I am interested in.”
Makhlouf and Schmidt both advise looking for the “decision makers” at the booth or using the show to find out who makes the buying decisions at the exhibiting company.
“Most people in the booth are not the people I need to talk to,” Makhlouf says. “They are not the decision makers. I might ask who are the people at the company I should talk to.”
In addition, almost all companies–and potential clients–offer brochures and company literature that can help businesspeople make more informed follow-up calls after the show.
Barbato says that a show may not provide a huge boon to a business, but it can offer some new opportunities.
“If you can grab two or three good prospects, it’s worth a day,” he says.
(Mike Dickinson is a Rochester-area free-lance writer.)

Business Show Guide

Promises and threats
It is not easy making choices about selecting accounting software. The last 12 months have been a time of promises fulfilled (in part) and threats delivered (in greater part). Long-awaited Windows-based packages have begun to ship –years late, piecemeal, features not quite living up to expectations. Developers Macola, Platinum, RealWorld, State of the Art–all have delivered their first real, customizable, Windows-based solutions … in part. Developers Great Plains and Solomon have delivered some of their long-missing pieces.
The Windows solutions do not always work with or like their present DOS or Windows lines. Since all the pieces are not available, you can choose old technology now that you will need to forget soon, or hold off for the latest and greatest–if and when that comes. Do the words “custom development” mean anything to you?
These same software developers also have begun to deliver threats and demands to their resellers–demands that are forcing smaller consultants to re- evaluate their place in the food chain. As the new software has become more sophisticated and expensive, it appeals to a different market–a market the developers feel needs a more stable consulting firm to work with, and one more committed (read: more invested) in the product. Greater capacity and field sizes, foreign currency and language capabilities, and integration with electronic data interchange and bar coding are new and expanded features in the high-end packages. If you are a dealer, you need to ante up to be able to take part in the bounty that will come … if and when the developers actually can deliver working software.
Microsoft’s influence
August 1995 brought one of the greatest marketing salvos ever–for Windows 95. Microsoft’s name was in every computer column, news story, even commercials for Coca-Cola (“Anyone got money for the Coke machine?” asks Chairman Bill).
Software firms that developed their products specifically for Windows 95 have suffered in the marketplace. However, companies developing traditional 16-bit (i.e., old Windows) offerings have complaints from those hankering for true 32-bit (Windows 95 and NT) power. One way or the other, Microsoft turns out the winner.
The popularity of Windows, in its various versions, has brought the low point of the availability of software for other operating systems. In particular, high- end Macintosh-compatible accounting software has suffered, along with a dip in cross-platform software that also can run under the Unix operating system.
In particular, the Windows NT networking environment has made major strides in acceptance and sales. The spinoff of the Btrieve data base, from Novell Inc. to Btrieve Technologies Inc. (now known as Pervasive Software), opened the door for Microsoft to integrate Btrieve into NT more closely. As most of the high-end software products are based on Btrieve, the door was opened for better acceptance of NT in the accounting community.
Meanwhile, accounting departments and firms are a few steps back from the state-of-the-art–still in the process of moving from DOS to any version of Windows. As we said, most accounting packages have not fully shipped, leaving accounting offices without the obvious advantages of Windows: better print management and memory management, along with multitasking and data exchange.
The influence of the Internet
At the same time as traditional developers are delaying their introduction of high-end accounting, the business information exchange environment has changed. The Internet has exploded onto the business arena. Electronic storefronts, digital cash, digital signatures and electronic certification, sales tax, EDI on the Internet–will these integrate with your software?
Even Microsoft did a complete about- face from a year ago regarding the importance of the Internet. “Client/ server,” the buzzword of 1995, has given way to “Internet-enabled.” Now, the Internet has become the focus of the business of the future.
Many accounting software vendors have announced their plans for Internet-integrated accounting. Enterprise vendors like PeopleSoft, Lawson and SAP America, mainstream vendors Great Plains and SBT, and many others have recognized the need. Some solutions include the capability of integrating orders received from a Web site via e-mail. Others will be putting data-entry screens up on the Net to eliminate the speed problems of wide area networks into client/server data bases.
Promises yet to be fulfilled
Firms need something to meet their needs now. Why wait for the new software? The promise of the graphical user interface-based accounting systems still seems valid.
Customization offers the ability to take a mass-market product and develop it for a target market of one. A consultant or end-user can modify the data-entry screens so they only ask what the operator needs to enter and only display what the operator needs to know. Companies can have the software’s menus simplified and redesigned. Reports can portray more targeted information and forms can be changed to take advantage of a five- year’s supply of a competitor’s check stock.
Most importantly, logic can be changed to take care of the unique commission, pricing or payroll plans of a company, using proprietary or more standard development tools. Data can be quickly sifted with data filters, and the underlying detail of summary figures can be quickly found with drill-down reporting. Data warehouses can offer up-to- the-minute data bases of company information for instant analysis and more competitive business behavior.
The data base the information has been kept in is important as well. An open data base will let the company integrate its systems together more easily to reduce redundant data entry. If the accounting software is based on Microsoft’s Access, traditional COBOL, popular Btrieve, powerful SQL or a proprietary data base, there are ways to offer full security, while providing the integration necessary to hook together custom and off-the-shelf systems.
More questions raised than answers
So we are left with many strings hanging. Products are out in part, but when will everything be available? NT’s popularity as a network operating system is growing, but what will happen to Novell NetWare? Does the network operating system not matter if we do our accounting over the Internet, which has come in like a flood, but might go out like Cabbage Patch Kids and CB radio? This leaves some additional questions:
–Will the accounting-software vendor you buy from today be around tomorrow? Which of the old-line companies will be able to continue to compete in the high-stakes downsizing marketplace?
–Who will be supporting the product of tomorrow? How will the pressures on consultants affect the support provided to end users?
–Will niche players become more important? Will new companies like Navision (http:/www.navision-us.com/) be able to grow to compete with the established companies?
–Should you be satisfied with current offerings, wait for promised offerings, or have customized solutions developed from scratch or around an established product?
The high-end accounting software developers have delivered some products, made some threats, and raised more questions than answers. It is a tough time to make a long-term decision about accounting software.
(Eric E. Cohen CPA owns Cohen Computer Consulting, which helps growing businesses cope with and benefit from information technology. His home page is located at http://www.servtech.com/re/acct.html).

Business Show Guide

(Seminar and exhibitor information was provided by CenterStage Events Inc., producers of the Greater Rochester Business Show.)

There will be a variety of free seminars and presentations available at the show. They will be 30 minutes in length. Below is a tentative schedule. A complete seminar and presentation list will be enclosed with this Program Guide, handed out the day of the show. Also look for special seminar and presentation schedule signs located at the show.

Cascade Room A
10:30am & 2:30pm
Xerox of Upstate New York presents “A Simpler Way to be Productive in the Office Environment.” Despite the tremendous investments made in information technology, office productivity gains have been modest. Emerging digital technology enables work process changes in the office environment that reduce work steps and increase office worker productivity. This seminar examines both the work process changes and the enabling technology that can drive office productivity gains now and in the future.

11:15am & 3:15pm
Xerox of Upstate New York presents “Document Outsourcing – Making Your Documents Our Business.” In today’s intensely competitive business climate, the need to make dramatic improvements in productivity and operational efficiencies is crucial to a company’s economic success. The Document Source is the strategic outsourcing solution from Xerox Business Services, the fastest growing division of The Document Company. This seminar will introduce the The Document Source solution portfolio and how it can be used to produce incremental profits to your company.

Cascade Room B
10:30am & 2:30pm
RTE, The Corporate Barter Group presents “Barter…A Strategic Marketing Tool.” Learn how to apply modern day techniques used by the Fortune 500, small and midsized companies to reduce excess inventory, create new customers and gain market share. Who should attend: owners, CFOs and marketing managers who have bottom line responsibility.

11:15am & 3:15pm
Kodak – “Tips on How to Take Better Pictures”

Cascade Room C
The Chase Manhattan Bank – “Financing for Small Businesses (Under $3 Million in Sales)”

The Chase Manhattan Bank – “Banking: The International Transaction”

Other seminars and presentations to attend (exact time and location will be available on special seminar list at show):

Uni-Ben – “Education: Educating Human Resource Personnel About This Overlooked Free Benefit”

NapAd – “Laser Targeted Marketing Planning”

WorkSmart International – “How to Prepare Your Organization for Tomorrow-Conducting a Learning Audit”

Drake Beam Morin – “Managing Your Career, Resume Writing, Personal Marketing and Techniques”

Flower City Pest Elimination – “Proper Use of Pesticides”

Dockside Internet Services – “Intranets: A Revealing Look at What Makes Them Work in Both Large and Small Companies”

Bags Unlimited – “Plastics: Its Diversity and Capabilities”

Keeping In Touch – “The Benefit of Massage”

QBC Systems – “Accounting Application Solutions Through Technology”

Professional Development Group – “Motivating Today’s Customer”

Pitney Bowes – “Postal Reclassification”

WorkWise – “Choosing a Computerized Accounting System for Your Business”

There will be additional seminars and presentations as well. Again check for the special seminar and presentation list at the show.

Business Show Guide

ADT Security Systems
Booth Number 913

Allchin Paper and Packaging, Inc.
Booth Number 1101
One of the last independently locally owned distributors of industrial packaging and paper products supporting the local economy since 1946.

Allstate Insurance Company
Booth Number 304
Allstate Insurance Company, a leader in the personal lines and life insurance industry with revenues of $22.8 billion, is seeking individuals interested in owning their own agency.

American Radio Systems
Booth Numbers 801, 803, 805
WARM 101.3, home of “Tony and Dee in the Morning” and Rochester’s Soft Rock Station.

Amherst Binding & Laminating
Booth Number 1104

Anderson Paramount Food &
Vending Services
Booth Number 1007
Anderson Vending is a full line vending division of Rochester Coca-Cola. Anderson has been in business for over 40 years. Currently services and maintains 18,000 vending machines in Western New York.

Ariel Axis
Booth Number 916
Ariel Axis provides hardware and software solutions in video imaging, computer animation, design and desktop publishing environments.

Ashton Safety/SureSafe Systems
Booth Number 620
The Ashton Safety Group features SureSafe portable safety systems.

Associated Textile Rental
Services, Inc.
Booth Number 510
Locally owned and operated. Supplier in industrial and cleanroom uniform rental programs.

Booth Number 1000
AXSNET, Inc. is a total Internet and networking solutions provider. Specializing in Web page design and hosting, on-line company catalogs and services for other networks.

Bags Unlimited
Booth Number 900
Locally manufactured polyethylene bags, and industrial, medical and promotional products. Millions in stock. Specialty sizes, low quantities no problem. Printing on premises.

Barter Capital Corporation
Booth Number 605
Specialists in excess inventory/idle capacity cost recovery including consulting and implementation of custom barter solutions.

Bernard Haldane Associates of
Booth Number 711
Bernard Haldane Associates is the nation’s oldest and one of the largest outplacement organizations in North America, providing services to individuals and companies throughout all segments of business and industry.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of the Rochester Area
Booth Number 807
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of the Rochester Area is the area’s leading health insurer offering health care coverage.

Bob Spatola’s Party Rental, Inc.
Booth Number 421
This company specializes in equipment rentals for all types of special events.

Bodine Unlimited Tours
Booth Number 715
Bodine Unlimited Tours, your group travel specialists, has offered packages since 1982. Our value, service and style is simply the best in this sports and entertainment industry.

Botanicus Interior Landscaping
Booth Number 713
Our 25th year designing and maintaining plants in businesses. Complete selection of live and silk plants containers, seasonal flowers and holiday decorating.

Bristol Graphics, Inc.
Booth Number 512
Worldwide manufacturer and sales of custom identification cards and badges, ID badging systems, plastic cards, membership cards and laminating equipment.

Buffalo Envelope Company
Booth Number 610
Buffalo Envelope Company is a manufacturer, designer, and imprinter of standard and specialty envelopes for all types of business uses.

Business Lenders, Inc.
Booth Number 905
Business Lenders, Inc. is a business and industrial development corporation chartered by the Connecticut State Banking Department and licensed by the U.S. Small Business Administration. We make small business loans ranging from $50,000 to $1 million for a variety of business needs. We are able to offer medium to long term financing (seven to 25 years) with no balloons and no prepayment penalties.

Business Strategies Newspaper
Booth Number 1001
Rochester’s Monthly Business Management Newspaper provides “how to” information to help businesses increase sales and profits. Read by more than 54,000 people every month.

Caris Network Solutions
Booth Number 719
Caris Network Solutions is a specialist in the supply of local area and wide area network test equipment.

Castle Rock Services
Booth Number 618
Castle Rock Services is a full maintenance company with services including painting, janitorial service, lawn service, etc.

Cellular One
Booth Numbers 816 & 818
Cellular One is a provider of wireless communication services including cellular, paging, long distance, Data Gateway and Freedom Link services. Cellular One’s Upstate New York service area spans 34,000 square miles across Rochester, Buffalo, Albany and Central New York.

Booth Number 418
The CHESS employee health promotion center is a preventative, cost-effective, self-monitoring system that encourages self-responsibility and health awareness while supporting medical staff.

Citibank (New York State)
Booth Number 419
Financial services.

City Blue Print/R.A. Ellis Company
Booth Number 516
We are a full service imaging company. Services include design/layout, pre-press, photography, scanning, blue printing, copying and large format display pieces.

City Newspaper
Booth Number 914
Weekly alternative newspaper serving the Rochester Metropolitan market, featuring in-depth coverage of politics, the environment, education, arts and entertainment.

Clark Moving & Storage, Inc.
Booth Number 821
Local, long distance and international relocation of household goods, electronics and special transportation systems (trade show exhibits).

CMI Communications
Booth Numbers 911 & 1010
Special Display on the Empire Landing
CMI Communications provides audiovisual and video equipment for meetings and corporate events. We stock the largest rental inventory of video, sound and lighting equipment in Upstate New York. (http//www.CMIav.com)

Coffee Pause Co.
Booth Number 201
Office coffee service located in Rochester for over 20 years, with 14 locations located throughout New England.

ColorPoint Graphics
Booth Number 1003
ColorPoint Graphics operates the premier lithographed personal photo business card service in Western New York.

Complete Payroll Processing, Inc.
Booth Number 901
CPP offers payroll and human resource services in 16 states. Our customers have between one and 1,500 employees.

Corporate Events
Booth Number 401
Corporate Events is a fully comprehensive event planning services and management firm with full destination management nationally and internationally.

Corporate Health Strategies
Booth Number 404
Corporate Health Strategies is a wellness training and consultation firm servicing individuals and companies to promote positive performance.

CVC Products
Booth Number 414
CVC Products provides robust stand-alone and cluster tool manufacturing equipment for the data storage, semiconductor and thin film processing industries.

Business Show Guide

Booth Number 1011
Danka/Omnifax is one of the largest distributors of fax machines through direct sales/service branches. The company traces its roots to the late 1800’s as the Gray National Teleautograph Company, the first to send written images through telephone lines in 1893.

Democrat and Chronicle/Times-Union
Booth Numbers 800 & 802
The Democrat and Chronicle/Times- Union are Rochester’s largest daily newspapers. You can now view the Digital Edition on the World Wide Web at http://www.RochesterDandC.com.

Design by RAS, Inc.
Booth Number 1018
Distributors of advertising specialties, premiums and incentive items. Sales promotion.

Diamond Packaging
Booth Number 211
Diamond Packaging is an innovative packaging company specializing in the health, beauty, photographic, specialty foods and computer markets. We provide a full service of packaging solutions and have achieved ISO certification.

digiChrome, Inc.
Booth Number 819
Large and small format digital printing center offering mounting and laminating.

Discount Copy & Print/Rochester Publishing Line
Booth Number 906
Volume copying, graphic design, typesetting, bulk mail and promotional items.

Dockside Internet Services, Inc.
Booth Number 210
A full service Internet content developer. Specialists in intranets, JAVA programming and on-line commerce including shopping cart and encrypted ordering systems.

Dox Electronics, Inc.
Booth Number 312
Dox Electronics is a computer network and service organization specializing in Novell, Microsoft, SCO Unix, and Sun Microsystems and remote access solutions.

Drake Beam Morin, Inc.
Booth Number 206
Largest career management and outplacement firm in the world. A global firm with a local presence.

Booth Numbers 311 & 410
EAM/Shopworks is a full service exhibit house featuring portable, modular, and custom exhibits and graphics.

East End Moving and Storage, Inc.
Booth Number 1201
Customized moving and storage services for household goods, electronics, trade shows, new products, office effects and manufacturing facilities.

Eastman Kodak Company
Booth Number 706
A world-class manufacturer of “solutions” to capture, store, process, output and communicate images for business and personal use.

Empire Sign Systems/Forster Fabric Structures
Booth Numbers 405 & 407
Designer and manufacturer of interior and exterior commercial signs, fabric awnings and structures, residential awnings and custom canvas products.

Encore Chocolates, Inc.
Booth Number 918
Rochester’s premier chocolate shop specializing in unique gifts, party platters, favors, gift baskets and custom molded chocolate with your company logo.

Express Mailing Systems of
Rochester, Inc.
Booth Number 817
EMS of Rochester is a full line dealer of Ascom Hasler Mailing and Shipping systems, table top folder/inserters, postal accounting systems and PC manifests.

E-Znet Incorporated/MLS Online
Booth Numbers 411 & 413
E-Znet is a full Internet access provider offering services from dial-up accounts to Web page design and hosting to dedicated circuits. Call 716-262-2485. MLS Online, Rochester’s longest running BBS. News, weather, sports, online chat – thousands of users. Call 716-454-5577. Trial memberships $15/three months.

Fleet Bank – Business Banking Department
Booth Number 617
Fleet Bank is a subsidiary of Fleet Financial Group, a $90 billion diversified financial services company. At Fleet, small business is big business. Fleet is the nation’s third largest small business lender, servicing over 245,000 small business customers.

Flower City Coach Lines, Inc.
Booth Number 514
We are a charter and tour bus company. Bus with us for all your special event needs. We have a 47 passenger motorcoach with LAV and VCR units. We are planning on adding a 25 passenger motorcoach in the near future.

Flower City Pest Elimination
Booth Number 1103
A full service pest elimination company with a home services division that performs deck restoration, gutter cleaning, power washing and snow removal.

Francis Audio-Visual Service
Booth Numbers 1209 & 1211
Portable computer projection equipment for presentations. Panasonic Pro-Line video equipment for presentation and training applications.

Go Media Productions
Booth Location: Empire Landing
Go Media Productions serving corporate clients nationwide with sound and lighting production for trade shows and industrial events. GoSound@Frontier Net.Net

Greater Rochester Metro Chamber of Commerce
Booth Numbers 700, 702, 704
The Chamber works for business growth and development in Greater Rochester. Through business development programs and creative member participation, the Chamber is able to impact many segments of the community: business and industry, legislation and international affairs, education and culture, safety and retailing, and sports and recreation.

Business Show Guide

Hanna Design Rochester, Inc.
Booth Numbers 611, 613, 710, 712
Radius portable display systems, tabletops to customized island exhibits. UPS shippable, folding stackables and pre-set systems, pop-up and pole/panel systems. CAD design, graphics, rental and quick-ship display services.

Heritage Media Corporation
Booth Number 213
Heritage Media is the largest targeted marketing services company in the United States. Heritage operates six network affiliated television stations and 20 radio stations in eight major markets.

Hyatt Regency of Rochester
Booth Number 606
Hyatt Regency Rochester – four diamond full service, luxury hotel. Rochester’s best for accommodations for out of town guests, meeting/conventions and social gatherings. Let yourself Ã’discover the people of the Hyatt touch.

IAQ Solutions, Inc.
Booth Number 722
IAQ Solutions offers an integrated, interdisciplinary team that includes an architect, engineer, certified industrial hygienist, environmental attorney, occupational physician and HVAC contractors.

Impact Graphics
Booth Number 518
We are a full service sign company, from full color posters to business cards.

Jamestown Container Company
Booth Number 305
Full line packaging supplier with design and testing capabilities to include corrugated, litho, foam and plastic products, and contract packaging.

Jewish Ledger/Golf Week
Booth Number 313

Jumelle Cosmetics
Booth Number 1004
Jumelle Cosmetics is a place where women come to learn how to use makeup so that it looks natural, like they’re not wearing makeup.

Karpus Investment Management
Booth Number 811
Karpus Investment Management is an independent investment firm conservatively managing cash, bond and equity portfolios for corporations, institutions, individuals and large unions.

Keeping in Touch
Booth Number 812
Licensed therapists offering relief from stress, injury recovery and relaxation.

Kenron Industrial Air Conditioning, Inc.
Booth Number 820
Kenron provides expert HVAC installation, maintenance and training, as well as energy management and chemical conservation systems and real-world input to design professionals.

Kingsman Group, Inc.
Booth Number 1106
Capital formation and venture capital firm specializing in regulation D 504 and 505 private placement.

Larque Publications, Inc.
Booth Number 402
Publisher, marketing communications consultants.

LeChase Construction
Booth Numbers 707 & 806
LeChase Construction is a team of construction professionals pursuing excellence in the building industry by offering planning, management and construction services.

Logical Operations
Booth Number 1113
Logical Operations, Rochester’s most experienced computer training center, offers training in desktop applications, programming and networking/systems. Logical Operations is an authorized ATEC, NAEC and LAEC.

M&T Bank
Booth Number 519
M&T Bank is the principal bank subsidiary of Buffalo-based First Empire State Corporation, the nation’s 47th largest bank holding company with $12.5 billion in assets. M&T Bank has 147 banking offices in Western New York, the Rochester region, the Southern Tier, the Hudson Valley region and New York City.

Manpower International
Booth Number 619

May Marketing
Booth Number 815
Advertising specialty and premium distributor representing Cross, Sheaffer, Parker, Hazel and many other fine lines. Over 20 years of service.

Mediation Center of Rochester
Booth Number 904
Mediation Center of Rochester provides conflict management training and conflict resolution services to couples, families, congregations, schools, institutions, businesses and the community.

Microtech Information Systems, Inc.
Booth Number 417
Since 1988, a full service PC company featuring networking, equipment, consulting, service and support. Quality products from a quality company.

Monroe County Department of
Environmental Services
Booth Number 513
Monroe County Department of Environmental Services Outreach and Educational programs strive to partner with our community with tips on how to set up tailored waste reduction and recycling programs to fit each business’s needs.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing
Booth Number 1019
Mr. Rooter Plumbing is a full service plumbing company serving residential, commercial, industrial and institutional clients. Never an overtime charge.

Booth Number 511
NapAD, exclusive napkin advertising. The only advertising guaranteed to clean up. Give your message the impact of a billboard and the pocketability of a business card.

National Association of Purchasing Management-Rochester, Inc.
Booth Number 902
National Association of Purchasing Management-Rochester is an association of over 600 purchasing professionals whose primary purpose is professional development and continuing education.

NF Associates
Booth Number 1202
NF Associates is a diversified technical resource organization that provides a wide variety of support, documentation and supplemental labor services to its customers.

Nik Entertainment Co.
Booth Number 517
Nik Entertainment Co. is a privately held Rochester-based corporation conducting business in three areas: live musical entertainment (six acts including the internationally acclaimed party band, Nik & the Nice Guys), digital recording and model/talent management.

Ontario Recycling, Inc.
Booth Number 1210
ORI is a plastic recycler in Rochester whose expertise is in sales, purchases, re-grinding and repro-manufacturing.

Orford & Associates
Booth Number 300
Specialists in helping companies build sales and get results from trade shows. We don’t build displays, we build knowledge.

Outsource Solutions
Booth Number 412
Your employees may be the experts in your industry but may lack the skills or time to manage rough marketing challenges. Outsource Solutions has the resources, energy and creativity to get the job done.

Patora Leasing Company –
Division of The Upstate Bank
Booth Number 307
Patora Leasing provides equipment leasing, accounts receivable financing, and commercial loans and mortgages to businesses.

Paul T. Freund Corporation
Booth Number 907

Paychex, Inc.
Booth Number 917
Paychex, Inc. is a national payroll processing and tax preparation company. Founded in 1971, Paychex currently serves over 245,000 clients in 94 locations nationwide.

Pike Facility Services
Booth Number 621
Pike Facility Services features epoxy flooring, chemical containment and other specialty systems.

Pitney Bowes, Inc.
Booth Number 306
Fortune 150 company specializing in paper handling needs of businesses. With offices worldwide and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Manufacture and sale of a variety of office products.

Booth Number 314
A Rochester based security alarm company specializing in custom installation and service of security systems, closed-circuit TV, intercom systems and telephone systems.

Professional Development
Group, Inc.
Booth Number 1102
Professional Development Group is an organizational training and consulting firm specializing in improving the performance of individuals, teams and organizations.

PSC, Inc.
Booth Number 607
PSC is the world’s leading manufacturer of laser based handheld and fixed position bar code readers, bar code engines and verifiers, and automated carton dimensioning systems.

Business Show Guide

QBC Systems, Inc.
Booth Number 101
Since its beginning QBC Systems has set the standard for customer support, and we are continuously redefining that standard to better serve our customers. QBC experts have been trained to analyze, implement and maintain the products we sell.

Rochester Athletic Club
Booth Number 200
Full service fitness center with pool, specializing in one-on-one personalized programs at no additional cost.

Rochester Business Journal
Booth Numbers 600, 602, 604
Our award-winning business newspaper has been called the Wall Street Journal of Rochester. The city’s definitive business news source now also publishes breaking news every day on the Web at http://www.rbj.net.

Rochester Center for Independent Living
Booth Number 1016
INDEMAX: universal design and total access assists businesses in providing technologies, environments, services and products with the “everyone fit.”

Rochester Community Individual Practice Association
Booth Number 814

Rochester Community Savings Bank
Booth Number 205
Rochester Community Savings Bank is an FDIC insured, state-chartered savings bank that operates 35 retail banking offices in Western New York State, with 22 in the Rochester market and 13 in the Buffalo market.

Rochester Gas & Electric
Booth Number 1110
RG&E is engaged in the production, transmission, distribution and sale of electric and gas services in a nine-county area centering around the City of Rochester.

Rochester Institute of Technology
Booth Numbers 716 & 718
RIT offers a full range of services for business and industry, including training and professional development, professional degrees, customized credit programs and consulting in manufacturing technology, research and development, and business.

Rochester Online
Booth Number 813
Greater Rochester area happenings via the Internet! You can find information on sports, weddings, real estate and more!! Rochester Online also specializes in Web site hosting, designing and managing.

Rochester Red Wings
Booth Number 207
The Rochester Red Wings is a Triple A minor-league baseball club. They have been an affiliate with the Baltimore Orioles for 35 years.

RockVentures, L.L.C.
Booth Number 810
North America’s largest indoor ropes course and rock climbing facility. We specialize in retreats, team growth and leadership training.

R.P. Fedder Corporation
Booth Number 1100
R.P. Fedder Corporation is a manufacturer of air filtration products for OEMs worldwide, as well as a distributor for HVAC related air filtration products serving Central and Upstate New York.

RTE, Inc.,
Booth Numbers 601 & 603
This business barter network helps businesses increase sales, save cash and increase profitability.

Sam’s Club
Booth Number 403
The largest warehouse club in America, offering only the highest quality merchandise at low warehouse prices. Catering to small businesses.

Sawyer’s Exterminating
Booth Number 303
Locally owned and operated for 65 years. Providers of pest control service to commercial, industrial and residential clients.

Scale2, Inc.
Booth Number 1006
Scale2, Inc. has been creating unique display, design and fabrication solutions since 1979.

Booth Number 406
Telemessaging service providing 24 hour service to business, medical and paging communities.

Skyline Displays & Graphics
Booth Number 1200
Skyline Displays & Graphics is a leading designer of lightweight custom displays with large-format graphics. Full services: rental, storage, I & D, training.

S.R. Bacher Electric Corporation
Booth Number 717
S.R. Bacher Electric is a full service electrical contractor that will install all forms of electric, computer cabling and lighting, and maintenance.

Superior Temporary Services/Superior Design
Booth Number 1206
Superior Temporary Services provides clerical, word processing, administrative and light-industrial personnel nationwide. Superior Design has provided engineering, design, drafting and other technical personnel nationally since 1957.

SWBR Architects, P.C.
Booth Number 400
SWBR is a full service architectural practice providing the benefit of a single integrated source of architectural, interior design, structural engineering, cost estimating and project management expertise.

Tariff Affiliates, Inc.
Booth Number 920
Tariff Affiliates, a results oriented company, achieves outstanding results for businesses in the elimination of unnecessary electric and telephone charges.

Tech Talk
Booth Number 903
Tech Talk publishes a monthly subscription newsletter of computer terms, concepts and helpful tips for beginning and intermediate PC users.

The Arc of Monroe County
Booth Number 1005
The Arc of Monroe County features affirmative businesses to fund programs for developmentally disabled adults: Arcworks, Paperworks, ArcFloral, Deliworks and Broomsplus.

The Berry Company
Booth Number 804
The Berry Company is the authorized sales agent for Frontier/Rochester Telephone directories in Rochester and throughout the nation.

The Chamber Staffing Alliance – The Plaza Group
Booth Number 506
This human resource staffing alliance, available to all downtown Chamber member companies, provides staffing assistance on a local, regional and national basis.

The Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A.
Booth Numbers 501 & 503
The Chase Manhattan Bank, the largest bank in the United States, is a subsidiary of The Chase Manhattan Corporation.

The Daily Record
Booth Number 203
Monroe County’s business/legal daily newspaper with comprehensive listings of deeds, mortgages, judgments, dbas and extensive coverage of all real estate and credit transactions filed at the County Clerk’s office. Focus editions featured monthly include such topics as the environment, small business education, office technology, banking and finance.

The DeWolff Partnership Architects
Booth Number 721

The Gibbs Agency/BJS Consultants
Booth Number 919
The Gibbs Agency offers permanent placement for sales and marketing executives, specializing in consumer products, industrial, telecommunications, non-technical and advertising. Clerical and administrative positions also available. BJS Consultants customizes programs that assist corporations, individuals and children in the development of comprehension, communication and other skills necessary for today’s competitive work force.

The Graphics Depot/Image Express
Booth Numbers 202 & 204
Your source for outstanding trade show exhibit systems, accessories, display graphics and experienced support. Featured are Nomadic, Laarhoven and Ultra-Form systems.

The Payroll Store
Booth Number 319
The Payroll Store provides professional employer services that include workers’ compensation management, unemployment insurance handling, New York State disability coverage, fringe benefit programs and other administrative hassles that come along with having employees.

The Pike Company
Booth Numbers 621 & 720
The Pike Company offers construction management, general contracting and specialty contracting.

The Presentation Source
Booth Number 1111
The Presentation Source sells computerized presentation equipment and services to individuals and businesses in the Upstate New York region.

The Summit Federal Credit Union
Booth Number 1002
The Summit Federal Credit Union is a financial institution offering a variety of products and services to employees and family members of affiliated companies.

Time Warner Communications
Booth Numbers 500, 502, 504
Time Warner Communications, Rochester Division, is an entertainment, information and communications company. The company offers a variety of cable television and telecommunications services including residential telephone, business telephone, cellular, paging, and soon, high speed access to the Internet.

Uni-Ben Inc.
Booth Number 520
We administer the free benefits provided by Uncle Sam under section 125 of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

UniShippers Association
Booth Number 301
Provides businesses with discounted overnight, second day and international shipping with service by Airborne Express, Burlington AirExpress and INT Worldwide.

Unistel, Division of CDS, Inc.
Booth Number 912
Unistel is a production facility that excels in cost-effective light assembly and packaging for Rochester and Monroe County businesses.

United States Postal Service
Booth Numbers 505 & 507
Offering smart solutions to help you grow your business, both domestic and international.

Vincent Hummer
Booth located in the Lobby

Virtual Solutions, Inc.
Booth Number 616
Full service video production and multimedia development including digital video encoding and Web site creation.

Vivatron Corporation/
VivaNET, Inc.
Booth Numbers 1105 & 1107

WDKX Radio 103.9
Booth Number 1012

Western New York Computing
Systems/Training Division
Booth Number 614
Western New York Computing Systems is a diversified computer systems company that provides the complete solution. Our Intellective Solutions Training Division offers the benefits of learner controlled “just-in-time” training systems.

White Oaks Inn & Racquet Club
Booth Number 415
A five-star-rated conference and resort center nestled at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment reflecting outstanding service and facilities.

Wilcomp, Inc.
Booth Number 515
Wilcomp is a professional business and accounting software integrator, combining accounting software, hardware, implementation and training.

Booth Number 302
WMAX 106.7 and WRCD 107.3 are Rochester’s qualitative leaders. If you want to reach upscale, educated, professional 25- to 54-year-old adults, it’s the Max and CD 107.3.

WNNR Radio
Booth Number 1112
Serving Rochester and surrounding counties with adult rock-and-roll music programming along with local news, weather and sports, offering low cost advertising.

WorkSmart International
Booth Number 612
WorkSmart is a values-based, global organization development and training company. Dedicated to creating empowered, team-based learning organizations, WorkSmart delivers consistent solutions coast to coast. Franchises available for qualified organizations.

WorkWise Accounting Services
Booth Number 910
Computerized accounting systems installation, data transference, training and support. On-site accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services. Work-flow analysis and enhancement.

Wyeth-Lederle Vaccines and
Booth Number 310
Wyeth-Lederle Vaccines and Pediatrics develops and markets a broad array of leading childhood and adult vaccines in the United States, and is in the vanguard of efforts to discover new vaccines for the prevention of serious infectious diseases worldwide.

Xerox of Upstate New York
Booth Numbers 701, 703, 705
As “The Document Company,” Xerox is focused on leveraging the effective use of documents to improve organizational productivity for its customers. Xerox offers the widest array of document processing products in the industry: products for the single user, to large departments; black and white to full color. Among the digital offerings are the Xerox Document Center Systems that provide users with “point-and-click” access to document services from their desktop computers. This allows users to print, copy, fax, collate, staple and distribute documents without leaving their desk, thereby increasing productivity.


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