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David Camp

Close up:
David Camp

Position: President, Kayex Corp.
Age: 46
Education: B.S. in chemical engineering, University of South Carolina; Ph.D. in chemical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Quote: “Asian business is about relationships and are you there and are you consistent. When we were concluding the deal with Zhejiang University for the first two silicon growers, it was a hard negotiation. One of the peripheries is something called a seed cable, what you drop into the pool of silicon so you can draw out the silicon crystals. When we were leaving, I got on the phone and said I’d like to send them 10 free seed cables, no charge. I sent them to Mr. Li, the head negotiator. He couldn’t believe we were sending him something for no charge. That’s the way you build relationships. Yes, you go through hard negotiations. But then you treat it as a relationship as opposed to the end of the deal.”


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