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Non-Profit Report: Older Adult Service & Information System (OASIS)


Older Adult Service and Information System (OASIS) is a national education organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for mature adults. By offering challenging programs in the arts, humanities, wellness and volunteer service, OASIS creates opportunities for older adults to continue their personal growth and meaningful service to the community.

National direction is provided by the OASIS Institute, with headquarters in St. Louis, which outlines its goals as follows:

–Establish OASIS centers and sponsorship in each city.
–Train and support local directors.
–Foster the development of high-quality programming in the centers.
–Research the needs and interests of older-adult audiences.
–Develop and test new programs and support their implementation in the network.
–Facilitate sharing of information on successful programs around the network.
–Enhance the national visibility and impact of OASIS.

Founded locally in 1988, OASIS fulfills these objectives by offering approximately 70 classes to older adults in the Rochester area. The summer 1996 schedule of classes (May 13 – Aug. 23) includes a range of topics that covers everything from weight management to sound investing, from a Scrabble competition to ballroom dancing.
Participants can stretch their minds by learning a new language (maybe sign language, French or Spanish); or stretch their bodies by learning a new method of exercise (say yoga or t’ai chi); or stretch their vocal chords by joining the OASIS Chorus.
If you have your sights set on sightseeing, there are a number of close-to-home outings and more adventurous journeys. Weekend day trips include a tour of Pike Stained Glass Studio on July 13. Other getaways are available to OASIS Trip & Travel Club members and include a venture to Medina on July 17 for a tour of cobblestone homes and a ride on a mule-drawn barge on the Erie Canal.
The tuition fee per registration period is $12, with some classes requiring an additional materials charge.
The nationwide sponsor of OASIS is the May Department Stores Co. and local sponsors are Kaufmann’s (subsidiary of May Department Stores), Midtown Holdings Corp., Strong Memorial Hospital, Preferred Care and Monroe County Office for the Aging.
The program director for Rochester OASIS is Priscilla Minster.

Financial Record Year ended Dec. 31, 1995(1)

Revenue %

National sponsor $25,000 27.03
Local sponsors $25,000 27.03
Monroe County 20,000 21.63
Prior year rollover 9,242 9.99
Participant fees received 8,000 8.65
Kaufmann’s 2,250 2.43
Intergenerational tutor 2,000 2.16
Other 1,000 1.08
Total revenue $92,492 100

Personnel $34,604 37.41
Contractual 29,769 32.19
Maintenance & operations 19,897 21.51
Fringe benefits 7,318 7.91
Travel & other 904 0.98
Total expenses $92,492 100

(1)Budget estimates

Advisory Council

Mary Tower, chairperson; extension department, Rochester Public Library
Robert Pearson, vice chairman
Florence Jossel, secretary
Kay Adams, Monroe County Office for the Aging advisory board
Penney Underhill Adams, Tender Loving Care Agency Inc.
Lorre Anderson, administrator, MCOA
Francis Browning, M.D.
Ginny Ciccone, Retired Senior Volunteer Program,
Lifespan of Greater Rochester Inc.
Laura Cushman Ph.D., Strong Memorial Hospital
Susan Dodge-Peters, assistant director for education,
Memorial Art Gallery
Charles Frazier
Edie Fuchs, marketing director, Midtown Holdings Corp.
Erika Kirby, special promotion director, Kaufmann’s
Lynette Loomis, Preferred Care
John McNally, American Association of Retired Persons
Beth Nielsen, communication specialist, Strong Memorial Hospital
Helen O’Neill, OASIS volunteer
Betty Perkins-Carpenter, Senior Fitness Productions
James Weig DDS, retired dentist
Carol Zoltner, Visiting Nurse Service of Rochester and
Monroe County Inc.

Researched and written by Julie K. Welch


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