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Sold on cellular

Raymond Bauer
Position: Vice president and general manager, Cellular One Upstate New York
Age: 42
Avocations: Fishing, yard work
Quote: “I actually enjoy cutting the grass, just out there pushing the mower. You want to know something? I’m thinking about business: What did we do last week? Was it right? Was it wrong? People talk about the (commute to work), but it gives me time to think. I go through the day and think: What did I do right? What did I do wrong? The things I did wrong, how can I do it different? And the things I’m doing right, how can I get better at it? And I’m telling you, people ask why I fish so much. I like to get out in the boat and drift, and I’m not really fishing. I’m thinking about where are we at in the business. Or when I get back Monday, what are some of the things I want to get done. That’s essentially it. It’s just relaxing and being able to think about what the business needs to look like.”


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