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The “facilitation
wizard” at Xerox

Position: Organizational effectiveness manager, Xerox Corp.’s desktop printing group
Age: 53
Education: Bachelor’s degree in industrial management, University of Akron; MBA, Kent State University
Books authored: “Mining Group Gold: How to Cash in on the Collaborative Brain Power of a Group,” 1995 (second edition); “Building Team Power: How to Unleash the Collaborative Genius of Work Teams,” 1994; “Changing Organizational Behavior,” 1973.
Excerpt from the preface of “Building Team Power”: “This is a hands on, how-to book. It is a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-your-hands-dirty book. It is applications-oriented all the way. Don’t look for complex psychological, sociological, or group theory models here. You won’t find any. “Building Team Power’ extends “Mining Group Gold.’ It pushes deeper into the how-to’s of facilitating teamwork and collaboration within your own work group, across work groups, or in task forces, committees, problem-solving teams, executive councils and the like. It digs into some of the crucial but tougher areas to facilitate. It is one thing to say, “We need more and better collaboration around here.’ It is another thing to do… After reading “Building Team Power,’ you will, I hope, pick out a few facilitation actions and get started by saying: “Hey, I can give these a try because I understand what I am supposed to do. Kayser’s books taught me something.”’


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