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Health resources abound on the World Wide Web

A handful of searches can reveal millions of relevant Internet, World Wide Web and Usenet stops. Hardly surprising when you look at the Internet’s beginnings in academics and government.
Below is a list of health-related online sites that should offer up interesting and informative reading for businesses and individuals. The sites contain information on ergonomics, occupational health and safety, travel medical concerns and much more.
Please note that the Internet changes rapidly. Sites appear, disappear and move frequently.
Local Internet sites
–The Allergy-Asthma Rochester Resource Center provides information (not frequently updated) on the local environment (e.g., pollen updates).
–Family Service of Rochester provides information on mental health, drug prevention, elder care and adoption.
–HCR provides information about the organization, and an offer of a free home-health care assessment.
–The Rochester Healthcare Information Group, via this new site, provides some local information and promises more services in the future.
–The University of Rochester Medical Center home page provides links to a variety of local health care information available through the various schools and associations at the UR.
–The URMC cancer home page includes the University of Rochester Cancer Center’s Dialogue newsletter.
–The University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry offers a guide to medical schools and publications.
–Strong Memorial Hospital

National Internet sites
–The World Health Organization offers international travel requirements and advice, statistical information, and updates on epidemics and disease.
–The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health offers information on occupational safety and health, along with links to many other sites.
–Chad’s Page of Safety features a variety of information on occupational health and safety, such as sample plans, graphics and policies. It also includes links to other health and safety sites.
–Howger Services provides drug fact sheets; access to and information on support groups; drug studies; and discussion and information on drug testing and other issues.
–The U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine provides various information on health care, fitness and related issues.
–The Occupational Safety & Health Administration provides various information regarding OSHA regulations and related issues.
–The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides information on areas regulated by the EPA and legislation affecting those areas.
http: //www.epa.gov/
–The National Health Information Center provides information on health and health-related issues; it also provides health-information referrals.
–The Health Law site, located at Cornell University in nearby Ithaca, features information on legal issues related to health and health care. The offerings range from an online guide for physicians to eligibility tables for New York Medicaid.
–The Substance Abuse Reference Guide provides information on various substances, treatment and related information.
–The International Occupational Safety and Health Information Center
–The Americans With Disabilities Act Document Center
–The Construction Safety Reference Guide, a U.S. Department of the Environment informational guide
–Austin Nutritional Research’s Vitamin, Mineral, Amino Acids, Herbs and Nutritional Information Center provides research guides to vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs.
–The Medical List guide to Internet clinical medicine resources
–The Journal of the American Medical Association home page contains information from the journal and from the AMA.
–The British Medical Journal Web site provide articles and information from this medical publication.
http: //www.bmj.com/bmj/
–The International Journal of Medicine site provides articles and information from this publication.
–The Cornell Ergonomics Program provides information on Cornell University’s study of this occupational area. It also offers general information on ergonomic issues.

–Other ergonomics-related newsgroups include:
comp.human.factors; comp.risks; sci.med.occupational; and sci.engi.occupational
–Another site offers information on ergonomics and the interaction of humans with computers.
galaxy.einet.net/galaxy/Engineering- and-Technology/Human-Factors-and-Human-Ecology.html
–The World Wide Web Health & Family Reference site provides links to various associations, data bases and information relating to health.
–The National Institutes of Health provides links to many sites inside and outside the NIH.
–National Library of Medicine
–National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
–The Virtual Hospital at Iowa University provides information on a variety of health-related issues.
–Cornucopia of Disability Information provides a wealth of links to information on disabilities, including a guide to New York state services.
–This U.S. Army site has information on industrial hygiene.
–This University of Utah site offers a working draft of OSHA’s proposed ergonomics protection standard.
–The Travel First Aid Kit offers detailed listings of the items to take with you when traveling. It also offers practical remedies for a variety of ailments whether at home or in a foreign land.
–The Medical College of Wisconsin’s International Traveler Clinic provides information on the clinic and links to sites with domestic and international travel-health information.
–Healthwise, a health, education and wellness program of Columbia University Health Service, provides an interactive health question-and-answer service and an online health newsletter.
–The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information site is offered through the U.S. Department of Health.
–The U.S. Centers for Disease Control
–The American Medical Association
–The American Dental Association
–The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides information on regulations and other aspects of each division.
–The Global Health Network Initiative provides information on the international project and on various aspects of health and health care.

Health-related search engines
–This search engine accesses health- and medicine-related Internet sites.
–This search engine uses the popular Internet search engine, Yahoo.
–The Medical Business Finder site features a search engine that finds companies by the health-related products and services they offer.
(Mike Dickinson is a Rochester-area free-lance writer.)


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