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Position: CEO, ACC Corp.
Age: 60
Previous position: Executive vice president, Rochester Gas and Electric Corp.
Education: Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology; MBA, University of Rochester’s William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration
Quote: “I do the things that are right. Whether you recognize them or not is really not relevant to me, because I feel very strongly that I’ve got some pretty good instincts. What I’ve done in 40 years in the energy business–most of what I’ve done, if not everything–has proven to be of value to the community. Some things, like the IPP, were out of my hands, but my position was right. You could say I was ineffective, and that’s right. I couldn’t convince the PSC and Legislature to change the law. But the fact is, what I was espousing at that time was right, and is even more right than I realized.”


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