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Hail to the first fan
Heard on the street: President Clinton is expected to show his face at the Ryder Cup’s Sunday finale. No surprise, given Clinton’s rep as the hottest presidential duffer since Ike. Hope the Pittsford McDonald’s is well-stocked.

It’s news to him
Would Dan Gill, B&L’s top tamale, give up his $1.6 million salary to chair the state Business Council, an honorary–and unpaid–position?
That’s what a local radio station reported this week, after Gill was nominated for the council post. Apparently the radio report elicited a panicked call from spokeswoman Barbara Kelley, who said–surprise, surprise–Gill stays at B&L.

Who’s buying now?
Recent heavy trading of Sayett Group stock shows no sign of bumping the price up or down, an unusual phenomenon for a stock normally so thinly traded.
That might mean the trades are happening between those close to the company, says Jeff Briggs of Brighton Securities. Briggs speculates that Chris Mathewson–a long-time Sayett exec who resigned from the struggling firm this summer–might be unloading his stock after a 90-day waiting period mandated by the SEC. As for probable buyers, it’s anyone’s guess.

What a hoot
Wednesday’s “Nibble of Nightlife” tour for “people who work on the frontlines in the local hospital and visitor industry” was decidedly highbrow.
Well, mostly.
The tour, organized by the Greater Rochester Visitors Association in preparation for the Ryder Cup (what else), included stops at Oak Hill Country Club, Eastman Theatre, Rochester Museum and Science Center and Barrister’s Pub–certainly all above-the-milling-throng joints.
In keeping with the parallel theme of reality, though, tour organizers planned a fitting finish for the day: drinks at Hooters


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