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They had his number
Businessman, millionaire, upstart pol….talk-show host?
Yes, Tom Golisano hit the airwaves this week, keeping the mike warm for vacationing WHAM yakker Alan Harris in the 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. slot. The Paychex president stayed away from Lonsberry-esque topics like the Wunderbra, preferring instead to “expound a little bit” on pet peeves–teen pregnancy, public employee unions, political patronage.
Golisano (“Please, call me Tom”) also got talk-show mileage from his gubernatorial bid last year as an Independence candidate. But most of the predominantly male callers were more interested in things like why Golisano didn’t return their call three years ago. That kind of caller.
Golisano’s got the expounding part down. He could use a few pointers on handling calls, though. Chalk it up to nerves, perhaps. But many exchanges took the awkward tone of a man not quite comfortable with the masses:
Golisano: “That certainly is an interesting comment, Joe.”
Caller: “(pause) Well, what do you think about it?”
Golisano: “(pause) What do I think about it?”
Caller: “Yeah.”
Don’t give up your day job, Tom.


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