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Dear Editor:
Preferred Care has sounded a death knell for cooperative health care planning in our community. By providing a limited “select” panel of hospitals and physicians, Preferred Care has delivered the message of managed care. That is, we care more about price and profit than we do about quality of care.
I am blessed with healthy parents aged 83 and 76. I will never advise them to change their insurance coverage for a premium reduction that will directly affect their ability to access any facility or physician. The exclusion of Strong and St. Mary’s hospitals, and the physicians who practice there, is a travesty of discrimination.
This community has been blessed for the past 50 years with a cooperative health care-planning environment that has made us the envy of many other metropolitan communities. Preferred Care’s limited delivery network for our senior population is like throwing a hand grenade on a sidewalk full of innocent but happy senior citizens.
The ramifications of the grenade blast will be the destruction of cooperative health care planning in Rochester. We will not get it back once the Preferred Care grenade explodes on Jan. 1, 1996.
Gerald Archibald CPA
Bonadio & Co. LLP
(Archibald is financial consultant to Rochester Community Individual Practice Association, the provider group that contracts with Blue Choice.)


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