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Let business hone government

Dear Editor:
It was announced recently that Monroe County is considering getting out of the recycling business. Finally, we have politicians who are beginning to understand that business should be handled by experienced businesspeople. The business sector can flow with an up-and-down business climate, and it is a well- known fact that city, towns and villages cannot react fast enough to make a quick business decision.
It is time that all levels of government evaluate what departments are government-operated functions and which can be operated efficiently by the private sector. Government officials know only how to increase and spend, and, in some cases, waste taxpayers’ dollars. The word “decrease” is not part of their system or vocabulary.
I would like to see New York State and Monroe County set up a temporary (another word that government does not recognize) task force to make recommendations on which departments can be turned over to the private sector and which ones cannot. Better yet, open departments up for competitive bidding at all levels of government.
To compete in the world market, labor wages as well as materials have to be able to fluctuate on short notice. This is not possible with government’s long-term labor contracts and bickering political parties. If we are to succeed as a nation, let the private sector operate some government services and let the government govern.
Dean Ashton, president
Ashton Safety Inc.


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