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Bearish bankers
Lockport Savings Bank has something no other New York community savings bank has: a mascot.
Ellis B. Bear made his first appearance last month at the bank’s 125th anniversary fete, welcomed by Buster Bison and Sabretooth, mascots for the Buffalo Bisons and Buffalo Sabres.
The bear will folic at bank and community events “for years to come,” bank officials say. Beyond that, Ellis’ career path is uncertain, though rumor has it he could be lured to Rochester as the RCSB Bear. Stay tuned.

Next: kid cardiologists
Rochester General Hospital must really be short-staffed.
Sixth-graders touring the hospital this week practiced “hands-on medical techniques such as taking blood pressure readings and phlebotomy work,” according to a press release from the city school district.
Career awareness is all well and good, but please: Hands-on phlebotomy work by a 12-year old? Let’s hope hands-on means hands on hips while watching someone else take blood.


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