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A very brief Kodak moment
Recent visitors to our nation’s capital were catching rides on Kodak disposable cameras, but no more.
Kodak’s brief foray into the bus-decorating business crashed when the D.C. Council pulled out of a program that allowed companies to paint entire buses with advertising. Kodak transformed two buses into disposable camera look-alikes, which had been touring the touristy Mall area in downtown D.C.
Council members criticized the bus billboards as ugly–presumably not their idea of a Kodak moment.

Success of another sort
In a reference book that claims to rank the 500 most successful corporations in America, only two Rochester companies made the cut. And not the two that first come to mind.
Goulds Pumps and Bausch & Lomb are the only local firms among America’s 500 hottest employers, according to the recently published Almanac of American Employers.
“Our intent is to steer job seekers away from companies that are laying off or that may experience problems,” researcher Jack Plunkett explains in an accompanying press release. “The best job opportunities are always created by companies with a superior, five-year record of growth and profits.”
Plunkett apparently failed to glance at results for 1994, when both firms reported double-digit losses.


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