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One company’s overhead
Bob Giese, hoisting two computers overhead, barely seems strained in his Business Week photo op.
And why should he be? The hard part was seizing a spot for his company, RGdata Inc., in the magazine’s April 17 issue. Giese’s computer networking firm is featured in a BW special report on U.S. entrepreneurs going global.
RGdata tapped the Soviet market in the late 1980s; last year, 20 percent of its $19 million in sales came from that region.

For those who chicken out
Attention, anxious execs: Tom Andrews, a local clinical psychologist, may be able to soothe your stress–or at least your fear of farms.
His May 6 Anxiety & Panic Workshop promises to teach “practical, self-help tactics for managing anxiety, panic and agrophobia.” Agrophobia? A misprint, perhaps–unless Andrews is targeting workers at the Cornell Cooperative Extension.


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