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Planner can smooth office move

Dear Editor:
Germaine Knapp in her Leadership column (RBJ March 3) states with eloquence the horrors that companies can endure when making a move to a new office space. It is unfortunate that her company did not employ an experienced space planner/interior designer/project manager to plan and coordinate this effort as part of the move team.
Such companies have the experience and expertise to help alleviate the confusion and disarray that are inherent in a move or renovation that has not been planned and scheduled to avoid the pitfalls that Ms. Knapp describes. By hiring a professional space planner/designer and project manager, all the details necessary to ensure a smooth move (for the short term), the future aesthetics and, most importantly, the functional relationships of people and equipment (for the long term) are thoroughly analyzed, planned and implemented.
A needs analysis, equipment and furniture inventory, a detailed floor plan (including paint, wallcovering, carpeting, equipment, furniture and accessory locations) and an implementation team are necessary to an effective, efficient move and the happy ending of a successful move–the joy of being in a well-planned office environment!
Additionally, any potential conflicts (from the location of people and equipment to the color of trim) are negotiated prior to the move, alleviating the potential for stress and disappointment during or after occupancy. Your planner should also be on hand during the move to help make any last-minute decisions, “fix” glitches and to help with the interaction of staff. And, your planner will do an after-move “punchlist” and follow up with contractors and others as necessary to ensure items which may not have been completed prior to occupancy are resolved to your satisfaction.
It is a testament to patience and understanding that Ms. Knapp’s staff and customers weathered the storm. However, let me assure your readers that there is a better way.

Deborah Messmer
Interspec Planning Group


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