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New Frontiers in Cooking
Dave Rusin doesn’t save his sizzle just for telecom rivals. This week, the president of Frontier Communications of Rochester cooked up spicy fare for Farr Photography’s Fat Tuesday fete, a feast hosted by Rusin’s wife, Lori Farr, and her business partner, Joan Nichols.
This year, over 100 partiers flooded the 3rd annual event at Farr’s Walnut Street studio. All were treated to Rusin’s seafood gumbo, key lime pie and other Cajun cuisine. And not even Frontier’s competitors walked away with indigestion.

Moving Up the Charts
Even B-schools sing the blues. Bumped off Business Week’s list of top 20 business schools last year, UR’s Simon School is picking up the tempo. The magazine’s Feb. 13 overview of second-tier B-schools rates the Simon School as an up-and-comer, citing its strong finance faculty, intimate environment and international mix. BW also highlights the school’s Vision Program–a student-run seminar series–with a quotable quote from Dean Charles Plosser. Watch your back, Sloan.
On a related note, the Simon School student newsletter ran the following Top 10 list, explaining why Simon didn’t hit the Business Week Top 20:
10. There’s no ivy growing on Schlegel Hall.
9. Simon students lack creativity in reporting salaries.
8. There aren’t enough men at Simon.
7. Byrne always has to park in Siberia when he visits here.
6. The Simon School focuses too much on soft skills.
5. Harvard, Wharton, Stanford…
4. BW doesn’t subscribe to the Rochester Business Journal.
3. Byrne’s derivative tip bred contempt for Finance.
2. Simon doesn’t like Democratic presidents.
1. BW uses Intel Pentium Chip PCs in its calculations.

Wired for Laughter
Check out the February issue of Wired for cyber comedy with a Rochester twist. Tongue planted firmly in cheek, the authors of “” outline on-line antics featuring Victoria, a UR graduate and sales manager for Xerox high-end imaging products. Alas, the ladylike Victoria is merely a minor character. Perhaps she’ll nail a starring role in next season’s spin-off: Modems Inc.
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