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begins publishing

RBJ’s NewsLink
begins publishing

The nation’s first electronic multimedia business newspaper debuts locally today, with the launch of Rochester Business Journal NewsLink.
NewsLink contains the news, special reports, profiles, marketplace data, court information and full-color photographs that are published weekly in the newsprint edition.
Other features–including new columnists, a data base of business facts, insider news items and a picture of the week–will be offered exclusively in NewsLink. And via NewsLink’s communications feature, subscribers can correspond electronically with the Rochester Business Journal staff.
What’s more, subscribers can access NewsLink information with a few quick clicks of a mouse. A special search function, for example, can pull up all references to companies, people or topics in one, several or all issues that have been downloaded to the subscriber’s hard drive.
“No longer is it necessary to spend valuable time searching through a stack of old papers to track down a story or statistic,” Editor Paul Ericson said. “NewsLink is a powerful new tool for readers who use Rochester Business Journal information in their businesses.”
And by copying NewsLink features such as the List to other software programs, subscribers can build their own data bases of information.
Subscribers can download weekly issues–within minutes–early Friday morning. Any NewsLink issue, current or past, will be available at any time; users with portable personal computers will be able to receive issues even while on the road.
“Unlike publications found on commercial online services or the World Wide Web, NewsLink issues are downloaded via local dial-up,” Ericson said. “No Internet or separate account is necessary. Compression techniques allow subscribers to receive a multimedia product without the usual online bottlenecks. And the meter isn’t running while you read it.”
To try out NewsLink, prospective sub-scribers can sign up for a sample issue–with the software necessary to support the electronic newspaper–plus four weekly issues at no charge.
Subscriptions are available on a yearly or monthly basis. One-year subscriptions cost $75 for Rochester Business Journal newsprint subscribers; non-newsprint subscribers pay $120 for a year’s worth of NewsLink.
For those who charge their subscriptions on VISA or MasterCard, monthly subscriptions of four issues are available for $5.75 (or $1.44 an issue) for newsprint subscribers and $9.25 (or $2.31 an issue) for non-newsprint subscribers.
Site licenses for companies with multiple subscribers also are available.
The electronic edition can be accessed via modem by IBM or compatible computers with a hard disk. Other minimum PC requirements are: DOS 5.0; Windows 3.1; 4MB memory; 80386sx microprocessor; VGA graphics; and at least a2,400-baud modem.
For full multimedia, including audio news reader, a sound card and software with a text-to-speech driver is needed.
On average, each issue of NewsLink requires 300K to 500K storage capacity. At least three issues can fit on a high-density floppy disk.
The NewsLink software–with enhanced features added since its initial demonstration at last fall’s Computer & Business Show–uses software developed by Rochester-based WalkSoft Corp., which publishes News in Motion, the first international multimedia newspaper. Under the terms of the firms’ partnership, the Rochester Business Journal markets and sells News in Motion in the Rochester area.
News in Motion runs on the same software, and a free sample issue is available.


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