Newsroom Contacts

Ben Jacobs
Responsible for management of editorial staff; writes editorials.

Associate Editor
Lisa Granite
Edits Special Reports and columnists; also covers biotech/medical technology; international business; academic science/research.

Copy Editors
Bill Alden
Copy edits and proofs editorial content; writes weekly Non-profit Report.


Kerry Feltner
Covers higher education; technology (including optics/photonics, telecommunications, Internet/software/hardware); retail/e-tailing; advertising/marketing/PR; media; real estate and construction; sports; and Fast Start.

Velvet Spicer
Covers manufacturing (including Xerox, office equipment firms, tool and die firms, plastics); transportation (including automotive, airplane and trucking industries, mass transit); printing; the economy; distributors.

Gino Fanelli
Covers government; health care; banking and finance.

Research Director

Andrew Green
Responsible for Top 25 lists, Marketplace and Portfolio.

Editorial Assistant

Nicole Sheldon

Responsible for People section, For the Record and the weekly Explore page.