About the Rochester Business Journal
The Rochester Business Journal is the leading source of local business news and information in Rochester, N.Y. Staffed by the same team of reporters and editors who produce the national-award-winning RBJ print edition, the newspaper’s Web site provides daily coverage of breaking local business news, an archive of more than a dozen years of RBJ articles and information, and much more. At the Newsstand, our online store, you can subscribe to the print edition, purchase databases, directories and reprints, and register for RBJ-sponsored events.

Rochester Business Journal FAQs
Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding the use of our Web site. If your question is not answered, check our Customer Service page or contact us.

Is the news and information published in the Daily Edition exactly the same as the content of the weekly Rochester Business Journal print edition?

No. RBJ reporters write fresh stories each business day for our Web site and Daily Report e-mail. At times, these stories are the basis for expanded coverage that appears in the Friday print edition. In most cases, however, RBJ daily stories appear in their entirety only on the Web site—and material produced for the print edition is not posted online until it is archived roughly a week after its publication date. To benefit from all the work produced by our award-winning staff as soon as it’s published, you need to read both the print and Web editions.

Does news from each day’s Daily Edition disappear as new content is added?

No. You can access all Daily Edition articles produced by our staff by using the Archive or by using the search tool at the bottom of the Front Page to select the date of a specific edition.

Can I copy or forward articles that I access on the Web site?

For personal, non-commercial use, you may forward, download, reformat and print RBJ articles. Any other use is not permitted without the express written consent of the Rochester Business Journal. For more information, see our Reprints section.

How do I write a letter to the editor or submit a story idea?

It’s easy! Just click here.

How do I get a reporter or editor’s e-mail address?

Go to our Staff page.

How does RBJDaily.com protect my privacy?

To read our entire privacy policy, click here.

What information does the Rochester Business Journal gather about visitors to its Web site?

We track use of the site in order to measure interest in various sections and features for content-development purposes and to provide pageviews and similar information to advertisers. We do not, however, collect information about individual users without their consent. On occasion, we might send promotional e-mail about the services offered by the Rochester Business Journal and its advertisers. When you register online or subscribe to any of our print publications, we will ask you whether you want to receive such e-mail. If at any time you decide to withdraw your consent to receive such information, simply contact us.

How far back does the Archive go?

Our first Web site was launched in June 1996; all daily articles since then are available. For the print edition and special supplements, the Archive begins in February 1995.

Does the Archive contain all the material published in the print edition?

Most material is available, but not all. Excluded material includes editorial content such as photographs, charts and graphs, and advertisements.

How do I access the Archive?

Once registered to the site, you have access to all articles published in the daily and weekly print edition.

What if I’m having trouble using the Archive?

Contact our Circulation Department by e-mail or calling 585-363-7269.

When can I expect the weekly print edition articles to be available on the Archive?

Weekly print edition will be available roughly a week after the issue publication date.

How can I use the material on the Archive?

Archive retrieved material is for your personal use. You may not republish or otherwise redistribute downloaded materials via print, broadcast or electronic media—including personal Web sites or blogs—without first obtaining written permission from us. The Rochester Business Journal’s archived material is protected under copyright law. By registering at the site, you agree to these terms.