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Snap Poll: Readers give views on $200 million trail

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently proposed to spend $200 million in public money to connect Western New York, the Canadian border north of Plattsburgh and New York City with a hiking and biking trail, which he calls the Empire State Trail. Readers give their views on the proposal.

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Downtown on the move

The seeds were planted several years ago when a relatively small group of developers, working independently and at times in partnerships, decided to invest in the future of downtown Rochester.

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French candidate plots return of the franc

 If Marine Le Pen has her way, the French will soon pay for their baguettes with francs, not euros.

The presidential candidate from the anti-EU, anti-immigration National Front party is all about national sovereignty and independence.

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Stay-and-pay fallacy

The notion that New York’s high earners will simply stay and pay does not hold up under scrutiny.

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The startup gap

What’s needed for a healthy, dynamic economy is more startups than closings. Unfortunately, in many U.S. metropolitan areas this is not happening.

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Negative thinking

A bit more optimism might be just what some businesses and the local economy need.

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Wishing it were so

Gov. Andrew Cuomo traveled to Trump Tower to deliver a clear message to the next U.S. president. But was Donald Trump listening?

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