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Readers back possible GOP challengers

Rochester Business Journal
February 28, 2014

In this year’s race for New York governor, respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll favored Republicans Donald Trump and Rob Astorino over incumbent Democrat Andrew Cuomo. In a matchup between Cuomo and 2010 GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, however, Cuomo came out on top.

Trump says he is considering a run for governor this fall. The billionaire real estate tycoon and reality TV star, who briefly considered running for governor in 2006, says he would “win easily” against Cuomo. Trump says, however, that he would run only if the state’s Republican Party rallied behind him.

Fifty-two percent of Snap Poll respondents picked Trump over Cuomo.

Other possible Republican challengers to Cuomo include Astorino, the Westchester County executive, whom 51 percent of readers favored over Cuomo. Published reports say Astorino is likely to announce his candidacy soon. Now in his second term as county executive, Astorino had a long career in the radio industry as station manager, program director and producer.

Paladino, a Buffalo real estate developer, is founder and chairman of Ellicott Development Co. and was the Republican gubernatorial candidate four years ago. Fifty-seven percent of respondents this week favored Cuomo over Paladino.

Roughly 1,035 readers participated in this week’s poll, which was conducted Feb. 24 and 25.

In an election for governor between Andrew Cuomo and these possible challengers, for whom would you vote?
Andrew Cuomo:  48%
Donald Trump:  52%

Andrew Cuomo:  49%
Rob Astorino:  51%

Andrew Cuomo:  57%
Carl Paladino:  43%

What is your political affiliation?
Democrat:  21%
Republican:  35%
Non-affiliated:  38%
Other:  6%


It’s as easy as ABC—“Anybody But Cuomo.”
—Mike Gooding, Good Vibrations

The New York political system needs to be shaken up, and I think Mr. Trump could be a good start. Mr. Cuomo has done a good job till he started the idea of men and women in jail get a free ride to a college degree. I had to work two jobs, have a GI bill and go to night school to get my degree. I didn’t rob a bank, a car or do harm to another person to get my degree. A prison isn’t a vacation while you figure out your next crime. It’s bad enough they get good food, health benefits, cable TV and a good gym to work out. What’s next? Short vacations to Europe paid by the working taxpayers? The political garbage in New York and the nation has to stop. I say give Trump a chance and support to wake up the lazy greedy politicians we currently have in Albany.
—Ken Pamatat, Creative Images Photography

My real vote is “none of the above.” Cuomo is building a platform for higher office and not governing as well as he could. His regional economic development structure still falls back to political decisions versus real need and economic yield as the measures for awards. His tax-free zones are a big scam and a big mistake. The potential Republican candidates mentioned are not the kind of people New York needs to lead the state.
—Bob Volpe, Highland Development Services

I am a Republican, and I do not agree with a number of his policies and positions. (But) I am not a single-issue voter; Gov. Cuomo has done a lot of good work overall to turn things around in our state, and I will be voting for his re-election.
—Bill Cox, Marktec Products

I can’t honestly vote for any of the candidates. What a sad state of affairs we are in.
—Mike Tedeschi

To me, both “The Donald” and Paladino are more caricatures than viable candidates. They are impulsive, sometimes repulsive, and are not suited for office, IMHO.
—Margie Campaigne

Donald Trump is an opportunist, insincere oaf exploiting a pathetically uninformed constituency with no direction or common sense.
—Bruno Sniders, Webster

Remove the current governor before he and his administration tax us, continue to do poor diligence of finances, restrict our freedoms, discourage business, etc., any longer. We must return to be the Empire State that I love and am most proud of.
—Theodore J. Voll Jr.

In your possible races I would not vote for Cuomo, Trump or Paladino. I do not yet have enough information to decide whether or not I could support Astorino. The choices are so sad.
—Jack Weider

Although Cuomo is really trying, he is still a politician with all the warts that go with the title!
—J.A. DePaolis, Penfield

As a whole, I can live with Cuomo; he has done some good things. He needs to forget about providing a college education for inmates; how about a free State University of New York education for all the law-abiding New Yorkers?
—Stanley Hilt

It always seems we have a choice of the lesser of two bad candidates. Cuomo/Trump, Cuomo/Paladino—would not vote for any of them. Maybe with Astorino we can be hopeful?
—Al Kempf, Fairport

A vote for Andrew Cuomo is a vote for more of the same: higher taxes and poor business climate with jobs and people leaving New York.
—Barry Alt, A2Z Enhanced Digital Solutions

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t vote for any of these candidates. Is there anyone else you can suggest? —N.D. May, Honeoye Falls

New York is a Democratic state, and Andrew Cuomo is New York’s incumbent Democratic governor. Between now and the election, Gov. Cuomo will throw enough money around the state to make your head spin. Carl Paladino is a loser with a short temper. As soon as Donald Trump realizes there is no way for him to win, he’ll fire himself from the race. The only Republican candidate who makes any sense is Rob Astorino. But with downstate being so blue, I don’t see him as having much of a chance either, but I will vote for him.
—Clifford Jacobson M.D., Vanguard Psychiatric Services P.C.

Any sentient New Yorker would vote for anyone but Andrew Cuomo. His ideas and policies are cartoon-like (college degrees for inmates) and demagogic (SAFE Act). Unfortunately, New York under his dysfunctional leadership continues driving residents and businesses, and the taxes they overpay, out of the state. New York, rivaled only by Illinois and California, is in a sprint to the bottom and may be beyond resuscitation.
—Bill Simpson, Irondequoit

ANYONE but Cuomo.
—Lester Wilson, North Syracuse

Anybody but Cuomo!
—George Thomas, Ogden

Anyone, please, instead of the self-crowned king Andrew who essentially only likes his subjects living within the New York City metro. Donald Trump would be a welcome change. He knows how to run a business, set priorities, and be persistent. If New York is ever going to get its financial act together and return to being the Empire State, Trump has a chance to deliver it.
—Bob Worden

You have to admire what (Trump) accomplishes. Some say why; he says why not.
—Ed Rosen Fairport

All of these candidates, both Republican and Democrat, solely represent the interests of the corporate elite. I will not vote for any of them. Instead, I will campaign and vote for the candidate who stands for truly people and planet-centered policies. Single-payer healthcare, living wages, a ban on fracking, progressive taxation. These are what we get when we vote Howie Hawkins, Green Party, for New York State governor.
—Drew Langdon, Green Party of Monroe County

Seriously! And I thought Carl Paladino was a joke. Donald Trump is such a "blow-hard!" Can you imagine him being our governor? The state legislature would make mincemeat out of him. He can't stand anyone who has the nerve to push back at him. Most people bad mouth all politicians these days but they know how the game is played; Trump and Paladino are clueless. Running a business when you’re the "boss" is a whole lot different than trying to tell seasoned politicians what to do. Witness Barack Obama vs the Tea Party/Republican Congress. Trump would make Barack Obama look like a bi-partisan wonder boy.
—Peter Bonenfant

Running Trump will guarantee a GOP loss and make the state GOP more out-of-touch and the butt of jokes across the nation.
—Jim Bertolone, Rochester AFL-CIO

I don't see a single name in this group who could win and put NY back on the road to financial health. Of this group, only Cuomo can win, and he won't cut taxes and regulations. So we will continue to lose jobs and people.
—Dennis Ditch, Delta Square Inc.

Donald Trump would take New York State to another level with new ideas, which would put more resources in the hands of the private sector. Trump recognizes that behemoth government is not the answer. It’s gotten so large on a local, state and federal level that it’s hurting the economy with high taxes and over regulation; just look at the results. Andrew Cuomo is a left-wing progressive trying to disguise himself as a fiscal conservative. Instead he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Less than two years ago, he pushed an almost $2 billion tax increase on high income earners in the state and covered it up with a minuscule tax rate cut on the rest of us. Guess what? It’s a $2 billion hit on the job creators. The flow of economic vitality or “lack of” doesn’t discriminate. To the economy, this was just a job killing tax increase. Cuomo proposes more education funding through borrowing which is more “smoke and mirrors.” State or authority debt reportedly is close to $300 billion. Cuomo instituted an increase in unemployment insurance payments by every employer in the state. One of his job creation projects, which will involve solar power technology in south Buffalo, will cost more than $300,000 a job. What’s worse is the state will own the real estate, building, machinery, etc. This smacks of the old Soviet Union, where the government tried to control the factors of production; can anyone say the dirty “C” word: Communism? Oops, I better wash my mouth out with soap or I’ll be called a right-wing extremist. However, the real extremist is Andrew Cuomo. Wake up New York State before it’s too late. You have been brainwashed by the bias media to think down is up!
—John Rynne, president, Rynne, Murphy & Associates Inc.

We really need someone who has worked in the manufacturing sector. Right now, none of these ones will help New York back to its glory days. We need to attract manufacturing and keep what we have. We are all very important, not just the new business.
—David DeMallie

2/28/14 (c) 2014 Rochester Business Journal. To obtain permission to reprint this article, call 585-546-8303 or email

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