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O’Flynn, Dinolfo announce new sheriff’s labor contract



Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn, County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo and the Deputy Sheriff’s Association announced a new labor contract today.

Spurred by contention over the past year from corrections workers, the settlement is intended to address the officers’ demands in regard to vacation time, wages and health care. A previous contract offered in February failed to pass through the Deputy Sheriff’s Association by a landslide vote.

“We are pleased to announce that the Sheriff, Monroe County, and the Deputy Sheriff’s Association have signed a settlement agreement on a new labor contract,” a joint statement from Dinolfo and O’Flynn read. “The Deputy Sheriff’s Association represents nearly 500 jail and civil Deputies in Monroe County. This new agreement recognizes the important work Jail Deputies do to protect public safety, while simultaneously protecting the local taxpayer’s bottom line. We hope to see it ratified as soon as possible.”

While the new contract has been agreed upon, the contract is pending a vote by the Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

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