This Week
  • At 50, VP Supply has just posted annual sales exceeding $100M for first time.

  • Edward Gigliotti suffered for two years before finding cure and new life.

  • Jane Shukitis embraces her new challenge as the president and CEO of Visiting Nurse Service.

  • Where to Meet, Where to Stay is a hospitality guide for the upstate region.

  • The Downtown Innovation Zone signals a new attitude for Rochester's center city.

  • Empire Valuation takes on a wide range of projects.


In the zone
Many economic development strategies rely on special funding and tax breaks; by contrast, the Rochester Downtown Innovation Zone is an idea and an attitude, which together could prove to be a powerful magnet.

Net neutrality matters
Net neutrality has been debated long enough. The FCC should act now.

What's needed now
Without some prudent business risk-taking, this area could find itself playing catch-up with the broader economy.

Education economics
This region is fortunate to have such a robust group of independent colleges and universities.

Snap Poll

Most oppose free community college
Saying Americans need more knowledge and skills to meet the demands of a growing global economy without piling up decades of debt, President Barack Obama has proposed bringing the cost of two years of community college “down to zero.” A majority of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll are not sold on the idea, though.

Majority supports net neutrality rules
Roughly three in five respondents to this week’s RBJ Snap Poll support the proposed FCC net neutrality rules.

Readers weigh in on Broad St. proposals
Nearly three-quarters of the respondents to this week’s Rochester Business Journal Daily Report Snap Poll say redevelopment of the historic Broad Street Aqueduct is important for future downtown economic development.

Plurality favors Walker for GOP nod
A narrow plurality—27 percent—of Rochester Business Journal Daily Report Snap Poll respondents favor Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker over other potential candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.


When profits, financial aid mix in higher ed
It is very likely that students lose from large tuition premiums charged by for-profit institutions.

Plan 2014: An economic and environmental winner
The enormous benefits of Plan 2014 should not be held up by a small increase in the cost of coastal living.

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