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  • Two years ago, Davidson Fink LLP decided to take a long look at its situation.

  • $15M site HIVE@155 adds retail, apartments on St. Paul.

  • At 39, Rufus Judson is the fifth-generation leader of the Pike Cos. Ltd.

  • The new edition of Explore Greater Rochester is here.

  • Any investment strategy must start with how the investor views risk, experts say.

  • Myneco Ramirez owns MBR Concepts LLC. Her company runs the Tech Startup Expo.


Skepticism is cheap
Even the skeptics must be impressed with the redevelopment activity under way in downtown Rochester today.

Those are the breaks
It’s no surprise that many believe a system with broader-based rates and without a multitude of breaks would be more equitable.

Sweet spot
What if the conventional wisdom about Rochester these days is wrong? Would we believe it?

Mixed message
For the second straight year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers in Albany stretched the definition of “on-time.”

Loop dreams
The Inner Loop East Transformation Project offers the chance to dramatically improve a key portion of downtown for generations to come.

Snap Poll

State of the city is 'fair,' majority say
More than half of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll say the city of Rochester is in “fair” condition, and a plurality says the state of the city is unchanged compared with two years ago.

Snap Poll: Letchworth State Park tops list of favorite parks
When respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll were asked to pick their three favorite parks, Letchworth State Park was named more than any other.

Snap Poll: Most support crackdown on corporate inversions
The majority of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll—more than 70 percent—support the federal government’s moves to throttle corporate inversions.

Snap Poll: Key parts of Cuomo's new budget get poor grades
The plurality of Snap Poll respondents—just shy of half—gave the final versions of the minimum wage hike and paid family leave law failing grades.

Snap Poll: Economy and jobs still top election issue
The economy and jobs—those are the top issues for Rochester Business Journal readers in this year’s presidential election, by a wide margin.


Growing organics? FSA programs can help

The value-added tax deserves a close look
Supporters of the value-added tax have argued that one of the biggest advantages the VAT has relative to other taxes is that it makes the task of tax enforcement relatively straightforward.

Help United Way achieve goal for community
Donating to United Way of Greater Rochester is the most effective, efficient way to achieve solutions for our community’s most critical challenges.

The game is rigged by mergers, lack of competition

Human intelligence needed to compete with AI
Many things that knowledge workers do today will be automated through artificial intelligence.

Photonics can help transform our economy
Photonics has broad transformational potential across all industries and positions our state and city as potential big winners.

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