This Week
  • High-end project is underway in Perinton.

  • Pride in ownership is the foundation of the H&C Tool Supply Corp.

  • The new edition of Explore Greater Rochester is here.

  • Sheldon Shear and Robert Cherry followed in their dads' footsteps at Economy Paper.

  • With falling prices, are commodities a bargain investment or a risky bet?

  • John Johnson introduced software to help guide Baldwin Richardson Foods Co.


Corruption's cost
Ranked by political corruption convictions, New York outpaced all other states.

In our own eyes
Perhaps there’s a sixth essential element to well-being: looking at the place you call home with fresh eyes.

A higher hurdle
Everyone knows the tax code needs to be fixed. But how? That’s the vexing question.

Midnight in Albany
A full assessment of the new budget will take more time. Not so rendering judgment on the process that delivered it.

Clearer accounting
GASB released proposed rules that for the first time would require public entities to disclose key facts about property and other tax-abatement pacts.


After 20 years, a failure still offers lessons
A big question remains: Where’s the business model for news providers?

Snap Poll

Majority against opting out of state tests
Fifty-seven percent of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll think parents who chose to opt their children out of the Common Core standardized tests made the wrong decision.

Rooney's again tops fine-dining picks
RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll respondents appear to really enjoy Rooney’s Restaurant. The Rochester eatery again this year ranks as readers’ favorite place for fine dining in the Rochester area.

Most say personal income taxes too high
Two-thirds of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll say in terms of fairness, the amount of federal income tax they personally pay is too high. Just 3 percent say they believe they’re paying too little in federal income tax, and 31 percent say the portion they pay is about right.

Readers grade new 2015-16 state budget
The plurality of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll gave a C grade to the 2015-16 budget agreement reached by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state Legislature leaders.

Majority: Don't tie teacher pay to tests
Nearly two-thirds of respondents to this week’s RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll oppose Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to base 50 percent of teachers’ evaluations on how their students perform on state exams.


Common handbook rules may violate the NLRA
The general counsel’s report reviews illustrative rules on subjects that are commonly at issue in unfair labor practice cases.

Ketchup's versatility gives license to pour it on
Versatility is a notable quality of ketchup.

Ridesharing is what Rochester residents need
Lyft gives people who need flexible work hours a chance to make a little extra money and get to know our neighbors at the same time.

Venture capital for social service organizations
We applaud New York for establishing a $30 million fund to develop social impact bonds and the pay-for-success contracts they support.

Opinion Column

The governor and New York's teachers union go nuclear

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