This Week
  • Pharos Systems International has grown to become a multinational enterprise.

  • The Market at I-Square is a milestone for the $18 million project in Irondequoit.

  • Leonard Brock grew up very poor and tries to help others in need.

  • For employees today, paid leave is one of the most important benefits.

  • New Simon School dean Andrew Ainslie has a plan to raise its national stature.

  • The RBJ 75 supplement presents a list of the 75 largest private-sector employers.


Over the top
One year after state employees set a record for overtime, they are on a pace to do it again.

Cheap talk
What if the “skills gap” truly does not exist?

The sort-of recovery
Any remedy for the income inequality situation must start with this question: Why has the divide between rich and poor broadened?

Hindering growth
How much faster might the local economy grow with less income inequality?

Snap Poll

Snap Poll: Most pleased with quality of education
Area residents report being satisfied with the education and fiscal management in their public school districts.

Is Rochester friendly to small business?
RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll respondents give mostly passing grades to the Rochester region for its friendliness to small business and for the ease of launching a small business here.

Majority picks Pegulas for next Bills owner
As the process to sell the Buffalo Bills moves into its next phase, speculation about bidders for the NFL franchise continues to mount. More than half of RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll respondents say Terry and Kim Pegula are their No. 1 pick for next owner of the Buffalo Bills.

Most readers oppose N.Y. tenure system
More than 85 percent of RBJ Daily Report Snap Poll respondents oppose New York’s tenure and seniority protections for teachers.


Higher education owes the public some answers
Higher education in 2014 may be getting what it deserves, paying the price of having been a law unto itself for too long.

Letters to the Editor

Early RYP members deserve credit

Opinion Column

How not to promote the use of hybrid automobiles
Sound research convincingly demonstrates that a policy which appears to be both useful and “free” is neither.

Morality, not a particular moral code, anchors a good society
Embedding a particular moral code in law and regulation is the true “slippery slope,” as we are reminded almost daily by radical Islam.

Retired biologist outmuscled menacing mollusks
Zebra mussels became infamous in states bordering the Great Lakes about 25 years ago.

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